Benefits of upgrading to LEDs

For decades now, business owners have been having the facts drummed into them about the importance of providing the right working environment to promote happy, productive employees. Core to this is getting the lighting right. Aside from the necessity to be able to see what we are doing and prevent eye strain, light affects our bodies in all sorts of subtle ways.

Natural daylight, or artificial light that mimics it effectively, can facilitate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of wellbeing and alertness. Light also has a direct impact on our circadian rhythms – get the light right, and you reduce the risk of that 2PM slump when all anyone really wants to do is have a 30 minute snooze.

LEDs, of the type you can see here, have been hailed as something of a cure-all when it comes to providing the right office lighting. Here, we take a look at the truth behind the hype, and the real benefits of upgrading your business to LEDs.

They last for years

Even if you ignore every other factor, the longevity of LEDs compared with traditional bulbs or fluorescent tubes makes them a compelling choice. Used six to eight hours per day, the average LED will have a life of 15 years – a traditional halogen bulb, by comparison, is likely to last between six and nine months. And unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs do not deteriorate over time.

They use less energy

LED lights have an efficiency of between 80 and 90 percent. This is the percentage of their energy that is converted to light. A traditional bulb is only 20 percent efficient, as most of its energy is converted to heat. These two factors combine to mean that upgrading to LEDs pays for itself in the space of a year – thereafter, it is money-saving and reduced costs all the way.

They are eco-friendly

Lasting longer and using less energy automatically means a reduced environmental impact, but the green credentials of LEDs do not stop there. They are 100 percent recyclable, and do not contain the toxic elements that can be found in other types of lighting.

They are durable

Light bulbs are traditionally seen as very fragile things. LEDs, on the other hand, can withstand hard knocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures and the like. This comes in particularly handy if you need reliable lighting in an outdoor or industrial setting.

They switch on and off instantly

We have all been in the position of standing waiting for fluorescent lights to “wake up” and join us after switching on. This simply doesn’t happen with LEDs. They come on instantly, and you can switch them on and off as many times as you like throughout the day without any detriment to their life span.

They offer flexibility

Finally, we return to the topic of happy workers. With LEDs, there are fewer constraints as to where the lights are installed. No more harsh overhead glare, LEDs can be mounted at wall, or even floor, level, to provide a more pleasant environment for staff and customers.