5 marketing materials every small business needs

Print is far from dead. If you don’t believe us, check out these 5 essential marketing materials every small business needs in order to thrive.

In 2017, global marketing expenditures went over GBP 351 billion. Of that number, ad spending in the United Kingdom alone accounted for GBP 22 billion. Marketing materials are still big business.

Granted, a huge percentage of this went to digital and Internet marketing. But that doesn’t mean marketers didn’t invest in print ad anymore. In fact, UK national newspapers saw a rise in print ad spending to GBP 153 million in 2018’s first quarter.

Newspaper ads aren’t the only print marketing materials you should invest on though. There are plenty of others, many of which are easy on the budget!

So, to help you get started, we’ve rounded up five of these business marketing materials you need ASAP.

1. Business cards

Business cards have been around since the 15th century.

That’s 500 years in existence. That should tell you how essential they still are, even in today’s digital world. If they didn’t, folks in the U.S. wouldn’t be printing 27 million of these cards every year.

One reason you need business cards is because they make you look and feel more professional. These are a key credibility-boosting marketing material, helping you establish your brand.

Think about it. How would you appear to customers or investors if you swapped numbers with them with only your phone? There’s no way you’ll appear professional.

Plus, they act as your physical and tangible identification. Seeing and feeling something invokes stronger emotions than seeing something on a computer.

So, get started by doing some research for business card templates online. This’ll help you come up with great design ideas for your own business cards.

2. Brochures

Brochures are not only must-have materials to stand out during trade shows. They’re great for your day-to-day operations too.

They act much like window displays, calling out to and attracting customers. There’s science behind their effectiveness after all.

For starters, they tap into human emotions using the right colors. That, together with well-placed images and text, gives them their visual prowess. This, in turn, catches consumers’ attention.

Well-designed brochures can pique the interest of your target market. This’ll then lead to them wanting to know more about what you have to offer.

3. Flyers

Holding or participating in a business event? Then make sure you let people know what’s happening with flyers!

Put all the essential details in it, especially the what, why, when, and where. These four important Ws will make your flyers fetching for great audience impact. Whether it’s a sale, a charitable event, or a new product launch, these materials will help hype up your event.

4. Banners and flags

Custom banners and flags make for awesome promotional materials for your small business. First, because people can see them from afar. That makes them great identifying markers for your store.

Be sure they feature an artfully-crafted design though. Again, elements like brand logo, color, text, and font can all make or break your outdoor marketing.

5. Signs and billboards

8,084 hours of a Brit’s life will go towards commuting alone. But for those who commute to work, it’s common to spend about an hour on the road, every day.

So, why not take this as an opportunity to entertain and market your business at the same time?

Give people something better to look at while stuck in traffic. You can do so through thoughtfully-designed and informative signs and billboards.

One thing to keep in mind is that signs and billboards only have about five seconds to make an impact. That’s why you need to ensure they can convey their message in as clear a manner as possible. Avoid overstuffing them with images and text.

The bottom line, less is more when it comes to these outdoor ads.

Make your cash register ring with these print marketing materials

In a smartphone-filled world, physical and tangible marketing materials are a welcome sight. Done the right way, they can make your business stand out and get more customers.

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