Benefits of cloud-based LMS for corporate training

Online learning software like Learning Management Systems (LMS) is the digital way of training employees in organizations and teaching students in educational institutions. The many benefits of an LMS have led to its popularity in corporates.

While in-person training has its set of benefits but an LMS software offers the benefits of an in-person training and more. Find out here what are the benefits of a cloud-based LMS for corporate training.

  1. Cost effective

A cloud-based LMS will cost a corporate organization way less than an in-person training programme. In person, training costs involve paying for a trainer, training venue, stationery, travel costs and more. All of these expenses get saved on, in an LMS software. All the training and learning in an LMS software happens online, which means no requirement of a trainer, venue or even travel costs because trainees can take their courses and lessons from their respective locations. This is especially beneficial for global corporate offices who have to spend on travel and accommodation of their employees and trainees at the training venue.

  1. Single platform for all training material

A cloud-based LMS means all your training material like documents, audios, video lessons, powerpoint presentations etc. can now be stored in one place. Trainees and employees will have one place to access all their training material and management don’t have to worry about storing their training material in more than one place. This will save time to search for a particular course or lesson and it will be easier to source any training material required, from just one place.

  1. Accessibility

The biggest advantage that a cloud-based LMS has over in-person training, is that the courses and lessons for training can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Trainees do not have to be in a particular location, at a particular time to pursue their training and lessons. Because a cloud-based LMS is all online, trainees can pursue their training from any location and time, without having to travel for training purposes. This is especially beneficial for global organizations which may have to spend on the travel of their trainees to get them to the training center but with a cloud-based LMS, this is not required anymore.

  1. Compatible with mobile

In the fast-paced lives of employees working in corporates, learning should be accessible and flexible on all kinds of devices. Cloud-based LMS is compatible with mobile phones and tablets as well, so trainees and employees can access their training material and courses from any place they want and from any device that they have access to. While making your LMS selection, you can try it out and see how well it is compatible with phones and tablets.

  1. Scope of growth

With a cloud-based LMS training, you don’t need to worry about your growing organization outgrowing the LMS. Cloud-based LMS is scalable and expandable. So whether your organization is a startup or a huge, successful corporate organization, cloud-based LMS is flexible and adjustable to the growth of your organization. You will not require any additional hardware to provide a solution to your LMS based training.

You can keep growing and your cloud-based LMS is going to grow with your organization.


Cloud-based LMS is becoming a popular choice among corporates to train their employees because it’s a much easier and effective mode of training. The feature of tracking the progress of the trainees makes it very convenient for the management to identify good talent and help them with decisions regarding promotions. It is also the most budget-friendly mode of training for those corporates who do not want to spend too much or have a fixed budget for training their employees.