Moving from the UK to the USA: 5 things to consider before you apply for ESTA

If you’re heading to live in the US from the UK then you will probably be extremely excited about new opportunities and the new way of life you will soon be experiencing. Before you move you will need to apply for ESTA, a visa waiver program.

Moving to the US is one of the easier places to adapt to living in, given that the language is the same but there are plenty of other factors that you need to consider before you apply for ESTA USA.

  1. Healthcare

Whilst the UK have a free healthcare system in the NHS, the US has a very different approach to healthcare and therefore it is highly recommended that you arrange medical insurance before you make the move. If you do not have insurance and you require emergency healthcare then it could end up being incredibly expensive.

  1. Entry requirements

Although the language might be the same as the UK, the entry requirements can be a stumbling block for many people dreaming of moving to the US. You need to be clear about the travel documents you need to enable you to live in the US.

If you are thinking of moving to USA with ESTA then you need to think again. Before you fill in your ESTA visa application via the be aware that this type of authorization is only for people visiting the US for a period of less than 90 days. So if you are planning on permanently moving with a ESTA USA, you need to look at the options for permanent visas.

If you are moving and have a job in the US then you can apply for a working visa or if you have a family member that can sponsor you, then a residency visa is a possibility.

  1. Local laws and customs

The local laws vary across the US, so make sure that you are up to date with any local laws and customs to ensure that you are prepared for your new surroundings and the new culture you will be living within.

  1. Tax

Tax responsibilities can be confusing at the best of times but if you are planning on moving to the US it is best to get advice from a tax expert in regards to the tax that you will be required to pay. You might also want to continue paying NI contributions for your UK State Pension entitlement.

  1. Driving

If you are planning to drive whilst you live in the US then check the local laws, as some states require an International Driving Permit as well as your UK driving licence. You will also need to be aware of the different rules and regulations. The biggest difference from the UK is that US drivers drive on the right side of the road. Other differences include that you are allowed to go through a red light on many right turns. There are a number of other differences that you should read up about before you start driving in the US.

By Veselina Dzhingarova, co-founder of Dzhingarov , BlogForWebHealthAnnotationMonetaryLibrary, Cryptoext and writer at TravelTipsor.