What does the future hold for HR?

Keeping employees happy and motivated at work is a task that human resources professionals across the world have tried to tackle on a daily basis for decades now. But what does the future hold for HR? How can they stay relevant and keep your business ticking?

Over the year’s workplaces have introduced new initiatives and practices to keep their workforce in a productive mood. Things such as flexi-time, an attractive work environment and perks such as a free on-site café or gym, all make working for businesses far more appealing.

But what does the future hold for HR and how might technological innovation play a part in keeping the workforce of tomorrow in a happy and motivated state of mind?

A new infographic created by HR consultants AdviserPlus showcases some of the many possibilities that could be making their way to an office space near you in the next decade. You can take a look at the infographic below…