Electric motorbikes; our planet says thank you

People across the globe are becoming more environmentally aware and in doing so, are making choices that reflect their desire to help our planet. One incredibly popular choice for many surrounds the use of electric motorbikes. Electric vehicles are taking the world by storm, from cars to bikes and are becoming more popular by the day.

Electric motorbikes specifically are loved and adored by commuters and courier services, from our inner cities to our rural countryside. Electric motorbikes have become so popular in fact that the options available are vast. So just what are the benefits of electric motorbikes on our planet and what can we expect to see when we choose the greenest travel option available?

Benefits of electric motorbikes

Renewable source of energy – electric motorbikes do not have an engine. They have a lithium battery that’s rechargeable. The lithium batteries on board the electric motorbikes of today can last anywhere between two and four hours, some even more. With advancements in technology, the distance travelled on one charge is ever increasing too. The need to recharge however, is no issue environmentally. This is because the energy needed to charge the battery can be produced by the wind or sun making it completely renewable.

Reducing the carbon footprint – did you know the average car releases over two tonnes of carbon dioxide every single year. Want to know how much carbon dioxide your electric motorbike will produce? Zero. By choosing to use electric vehicles, you’re automatically reducing your carbon footprint. While you alone may not clean our air, collectively we can make a huge difference. Think less pollution produced every single year and it’s a no-brainer.

No harm to our planet – many worry about the harm lithium batteries will have on our planet. Disposed of correctly however and they have almost zero effect on our planet. Simply learning how you should and shouldn’t dispose of batteries is all it takes to ensure your environmentally friendly motorbike remains that, even at the very end of its lifespan.

Electric motorbikes pack a punch

The main impact electric motorbikes & electric mopeds will have surrounds air pollution but those aren’t their only benefits. From finding parking spaces much easier when compared to cars, being able to safely filter traffic and of course, the distinct drop in running and maintenance costs, electric motorbikes really are the better choice. Not only will they help our environment, but they benefit the user in so many ways.

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