Plan your trip to Corfu for a pleasing vacation

Temperate, multihued, one of the best examples of nature’s scenic beauty, Corfu is a place decked with emerald hills and mountains with turquoise waters passing over sturdy coves, shining silver olive leaves, puffed orange, yellow and red parasails and plethora of other floras spread over the cottages to inspire impressionism.

The place is a heaven and a perfect getaway for those planning for a vacation. The luxurious Corfu rentals render a divine holiday experience to the tourists from all over the world. Decked with multiple luxuries and amenities the vocational rentals have beautiful beachy views and are available at all price ranges as per your budget and preference.

Decked on the east cost of the island, the vocational rentals allow you to get the best of Corfu. All you need to do is choose the one within easy reach of places of attractions, restaurants, boutiques and enjoy your holiday at the best. The sun-drenched terrace, plush turquoise pool and the sparkling sea view adds to the overall experience. Soak in the charm of the sun going slowly below the horizon from the comfort of your vacation home and get the best mesmerizing experience of your life.

Corfu is definitely one of the lushest and possibly the loveliest islands of Greek. Boasting of breathless blue water lapping rocky covers, sweet smelling bougainvillea, jasmine, wisteria cover the complete countryside area giving the place a completely heavenly appearance. Shakespeare’s Tempest is said to be inspired from this rich and prosperous land. The Mediterranean climate of the place makes it a perfect beach holiday destination amongst tourists. The interior of the place speaks about its rich history and beautiful architecture. The place has a beautiful archaeological past with a lot of British influence. So, whether you are a history lover or a natural beauty admirer, you would love to enjoy the ravishing beauty of Corfu in every manner.

While the tourist development has majorly been done on the central side, the south and north are still rural. So, on your Corfu visits, a day in the villages is a must visit where the islanders still live the old life. You will come across virgin remnants of Hellenic, Venetian, Byzantine and Roman past of the island amongst the untouched villages. The place gets lively in summers with a lush of greenery and shimmering spring colors. A stroll through the countryside will give you a view of ancient olive trees burdened with age and meadow covered with riots of colourful flora. The tour will fill your heart with scents of lemons and oranges ripening in the sun and several other fruit trees covered the plains.

However, once you make your way out of the villages, it is the main town which is worth visiting for a perfect getaway. The town and has old and modern architecture, brilliantly crafted elegant churches, cobblestone streets and large houses. An ancient fortress governs the town and the new cosmopolitan part is decked with plenty of shops. You have abundant of restaurants and taverns offering customary Greek meals at affordable rates and you can enjoy the traditional Greek meals with a setting of fishing boats and bustling promenades of olive groves and cypress trees.

Those looking for gorgeous stretch of sand and water are literally spoilt for choices here. The shining golden stretch of Glyfada beach is covered with sunbeds and umbrellas backed with pine groves and hillsides. You have several water sports adventures and array of taverns so you can settle for a long day without thinking to pack up and go anywhere for refreshments. Paleokastritsa is yet another beautiful place to visit here with a gigantic stretch of indented coast with several deep, curving bays, sparkling beaches covered with cypress and olive trees. You have excursion boats which depart and take you to the caves and other secluded beaches across the island. You have several popular beach resorts to spend your day out.

Some of the interesting fishing villages comprise of Kassiopi and Sidari and secluded beaches include Nissaki and Agni. When you are in Corfu, you have the pleasure to soak in all types of tastes and preferences.

You have some amazingly good museums and galleries in the town showcasing its rich taste and unique collection of art and culture. Kerkyra Archaeological Museum showcases the archaeological finds of Kanoni, the old capital of Corfu. You have the Gorgon Pediment temple displaying Medusa with her serpent hair locks. The Corfu Museum of Asian Arts is a rich neoclassical display of the 19th century with collection from India, China and Japan from the Neolithic era.

When you should go to Corfu?

Corfu experiences a temperate climate with comparatively lengthy rainy seasons which begin from late fall to early spring. Winter showers pave way for spring flowers and the countryside is filled with floral beauty in the beginning of March. The air is fragranced with wildflower perfume. May gives you the freedom to get warm enough and commence swimming. July and August are humid and not so preferable. So, if you really want to experience the best of Corfu, then book your vacations after October. It will give you the most exciting experience for hiking and discovering the countryside.

All in all, Corfu is one of the most beautiful locations of Greece and its enticing beauty is bound to fill your vacations with a lot of mesmerizing and beautiful lifetime experiences.