How to retain staff and using team building to your advantage

In order to reduce the chance that employees will look elsewhere for work, team building within business brings with it recognition, reinforcement and most importantly higher productivity along with ensuring you retain staff in your business.

retain staffMaking sure you retain staff is a key indicator in how your business is doing. Happy employees are productive employees and building a team that has healthy working relationships is exactly what your business needs to grow.

Team building activities are the perfect way to have happy staff. Building healthy competition through sports and could be a way to keep your employees motivated and engaged.

Staff retention rates have always been an issue for any business with the ability to retain staff being a constant struggle. A high staff retention rate brings with it many rewards, one main one being the financial benefits of reducing the costs needed to replace a staff member.

It is also valuable to ensure there is an impression that staff are happy with their role, resulting in higher performance results. There is also a good indication of how high the company values its growth and the long term success from the way it prioritises its employee satisfaction.

Improved communication

One of the most important ways a team building activity can help a company is through increased productivity which is accelerated with improved communication. This can be achieved by creating an enjoyable and most importantly fun activity for employees to experience as a group. Building relationships and increasing networking between employees enables the group to come together as a unit and communicate ideas freely.

Positive reinforcement

Team building activities offer a perfect way to positively reinforce an employee’s specific behaviour. One common way this is done is by picking out the best performing staff and reinforce this achievement with a fantastic day out of the office to bond with other employees. There is also a great way to reinforce company values by creating a bespoke event tailored to a specific theme or aim.


Team building activities increase staff motivation in several ways including the commitment of investment in team building activities, demonstrating the will to invest in their employee’s success. Employees can also gain a great deal of trust from other employees after completing a successful team building activity with the view that their work as a team is being appreciated and recognized. An employees motivation will also increase with higher levels of confidence as they succeed with their team building activity.

Highly participative team building activities are an excellent way to improve staff morale, increase motivation and engage employees in the workplace. There really are more ways to bring your team together than you think with options ranging from adrenalin fuelled experiences to interactive indoor events focusing on the need for a bit of fun away from the office.