11 businesses you can easily start online by yourself

There are so many business ideas you can easily start online by yourself on a simple laptop with a WiFi connection. Yet some of the ideas are easier to start than the others.

If you’re looking for ideas for businesses you can easily start online just like this – you’ll find some great ones here.

easily start business online

Sell t-shirts with logos

One of the easiest ways to start a business of your own online is to use a print on demand platform or dropshipping business model. You should check it out to sell t shirts with logos – this kind of business is getting very popular lately.

Be a translator

Translating might not seem as a very innovative business plan, but it’s really trustworthy. Surely you’ll need a website so that people could find you on Google and be able to contact you.


What business doesn’t have an accountant? Well, all businesses do. Therefore if you know accounting well, you can actually help out a lot of people with the things they struggle to understand.

Start an eCommerce business

You could easily start an e-shop of your own. The most important thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of products you want to sell. Then, just buy a domain, choose a template for your website, and don’t forget to add a wordpress contact form plugin from – otherwise, it might be too difficult for your potential clients to contact you.

Be an artist online

If you are an artist, no matter what kind – you are probably be painting, sewing, and designing all the time. But why haven’t you started selling that art online? Look into print on demand options to help you put your work on coffee mugs, greeting cards, or pillow shams. It’s a brilliant idea to get some more attention for your art.

Become a content writer

Many websites need a content writer – both for their website content and for social media posts. If you’re good at writing, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.

Start consulting

Are you a finance major? Or maybe you’re really good at betting? There are so many niches that could be converted into a consulting business. All you’ll need after you have the idea is a website and a good marketing strategy.

Work with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is really booming lately, and it’s hard not to notice it. The more influencers there are, the harder it is to find them all and choose the right one. That’s why there are special platforms for registered influencers and influencer marketing specialists that help companies meet their perfect influencer.

Become an influencer yourself

Another business idea you could try is to become an influencer yourself. The best platforms for such business are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and blogs. Just don’t forget that even in the beginning, when you don’t have many clients, you still need to choose the brands carefully. Form your image wisely – it will be harder to fix in the future. If you’re completely new to the business – here’s a great guide to influencer marketing to read.

Become a freelance writer or guest blogger

As a freelance writer, you can write on a blog of your own or specialize in guest blogging. Find a niche that interests and inspires you. Then determine what websites and blogs meet your virtues and have similar goals. Try to contact them and offer to work together. You can also join various websites for freelancers where you’ll find many job offers. Here are more tips on how to make money by blogging today.

Become a logo designer

Surely you could become a graphic designer. But we recommend starting small and choosing a very specific niche for your business. You can grow your business later. It will be much easier for you to start and find the first clients if you’ll specialize in logo design. This is because you can join specialized websites in order to participate in logo contests. It’s a brilliant way to find your first clients, start building your portfolio, and let people know about your existence.

There you have it, 11 businesses you can easily start online by yourself with little more than a bit of hard work and a WiFi connection.