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Largest cosmetics companies in the world

Beauty is key to everyone in the world, be it male or female, you will care about how you look. Beauty has been misinterpreted to be all about makeup, but general skin care also falls under beauty.

This would explain why the below cosmetics companies have managed to have such a great impact in the world. That is because they focus on skin care products for all ages. From toddlers to adolescents, from youths and adults to senior citizens.

Here are the four biggest cosmetics companies in the world right now:


lorealWhen they began in 1909, no one would have guessed that L’Oréal would be where they are today. The company is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. They make more than $30 billion in a year, that’s a lot of revenue, if you can play all types of casino games you won’t win this amount at once. Which is no surprise as their products are used in every corner of the world. A few of the products that fall under this brand name include Maybelline New York, Softsheen and Garnier.


unilever cosmetics companiesUnilever is another of the leading names in the cosmetic industry. The company in 2017 announced the creation of a new company Unilever cosmetics International so that they could extend their global portfolio. Some of the products that fall under this name include Dove; Lifebuoy; Close-Up; Vaseline and Sunsilk. And even if you were born a millionaire or just won a southafricancasinosites jackpot, you probably came across one of these brands.

Estee Lauder

cosmetics companiesTalking of quality skin care products without Estee Lauder would not be fair. The company launched in 1940 managed to break all the barriers and is still growing today. Estee Lauder has over 25 products under their brand name being sold in 150 countries. That is many places to be known don’t you think so?

Johnson & Johnson

johnson johnson cosmetics companiesThe company is one of the leading names in the pharmaceutical industry. Other than, the baby products that the brand makes it also produces skin care and oral products. Coupled with all that they are a pharmaceutical company, one of the best in the world actually. In 2017 alone, they generated over $76 billion.