Surviving the office Secret Santa: What to get colleagues for Christmas

It can be difficult to know just what to purchase your co-workers for the holidays. Finding an appropriate gift that can be appreciated by everyone in the office is a feat, which is why so many people dread the office Secret Santa. After all, who wants to risk giving a disappointing gift to someone that you might not even know that well?

office Secret SantaLuckily, you’ve got options. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting gifts and conversation starting presents that your colleagues are sure to love. These fun and funky gifts will be the talk of the Christmas party office Secret Santa celebration.

Printed socks

While getting socks for Christmas is a movie cliché, it is actually a great way to get a fun gift for a co-worker. Nowadays, these fun socks can come with different designs and patterns.

If you actually know the person fairly well, you might consider getting the socks emblazoned with references to popular movies or television shows to show you know their interests.

Even if you don’t know them at all, this gift is perfect for the holiday season. There’s always the option of getting themed socks for Christmas or wintertime. Get a fun snowflake pattern or a pair of socks with Santa hats or candy canes.

Cute and stylish office supplies

What better gift for a co-worker than tools to utilise in the workplace. Funky pens and cute stationery, or even a themed paperweight or laptop sticker can be a thoughtful gift for an office friend. Like the printed socks, you can get themed office supplies for their favourite television show, movie, or book.

It is also always nice to buy a custom item with their name or initials, or even multiple items that are colour coordinated. This gift can make it easier for the recipient to work day-to-day, but also spruce up the desk and make their space feel more customised and homey.

Branded items

An exciting twist on office Secret Santa is the use of company logo and branding. How fun is a gift that features the name of your company on it? With branded products from Printkick, it is easy to attach your company’s name to a myriad of exciting and useful items, including drawstring bags, pens, travel mugs, and even candies!

There are even options to create specialty Christmas items like Santa hats and holiday bags or bears. These can be an exciting way to celebrate the holidays, and the shared community of the company you work for!

Portable drink containers

Being in the office means long days needing to stay caffeinated. A great way to protect the environment from plastic containers is to purchase a travel coffee cup or water bottle for your co-worker for your office Secret Santa. There are tons of trendy new styles of portable coffee mugs, tea containers, and water bottles so that you don’t have to keep getting up to run to the water cooler.

There are even fun new water bottles that can hold diffusers, so your colleague can add fresh fruit for a delicious taste throughout the day. You can suggest they add strawberries or fresh lime to give their water that little extra flavour in the office.

Coffee and tea

On the topic of portable beverages, a great gift for co-workers to enjoy over the holidays is a coffee/tea sampler with some of your favourite coffee beans or tea leaves. This is a perfect present to help your colleagues warm up for the winter holidays while enjoying the delicious flavours of coffee or tea.

This is also a great gift for a busy workplace with early or late hours. Show your co-workers you appreciate the hard work they do with a caffeinated treat. Gourmet coffee or tea is a wonderful mix of classy and practical. It is a gift your colleague can use day to day but also one that they can use to treat themselves.