Tools to take the entrepreneur of today to the top

If the entrepreneur of the 1980s, an era of extensive entrepreneurialism, could somehow time travel to the 21st century of today, in true Back-to-the-Future style, no doubt the technology at our disposal to aid business life would blow their minds!

Such are the gadgets, innovations and inventions now available that it has never been easier to excel as an entrepreneur. So, here are just some of the many tools you’d be mad, or Marty McFly, not to use if you want to take your business to the top.

business tools

From startup to going global

In this brave new entrepreneurial world of the 21st century, one of the privileges we enjoy is the freedom to launch a business and even take it global, from the comfort of our own home with the tech tools at our disposal. Using an entrepreneurial operating system to get you business up to scratch and get your business ahead of the competition. It helps to build a culture in your business that inspires vision, innovation and success.

Gone are the days when finding funding for a startup meant schlepping from one monolithic banking institution to another, cap in hand. Crowdfunding is now THE tool to use if you want to get your project off the ground and gain the funding you need. Indeed, since 2006, when ‘crowdfunding’ was just a buzzword, it has revolutionised the business startup scene and become a tool any serious entrepreneur should not overlook. However, if you really want to crack crowdfunding, you can now improve your chances of success with expert guidance from Masterclass Crowdfunding, to help you reach your goal.

In fact, for the really ambitious entrepreneur who wants to take their business global, tools which help you bypass traditional financial obstacles to success do not end there. Cryptocurrency now offers the means to make faster, lower-cost and more secure monetary transactions across international borders, straight from your smartphone. And, in addition, some pioneering entrepreneurs are also using the trailblazing technology underpinning cryptocurrency, the blockchain, as a tool to really excel, as it can be used to securely store and transfer all sorts of sensitive data and is helping them to establish groundbreaking businesses in many sectors.

Spread the word

However, even if your business is outstanding, if no one knows about it, it won’t blossom. So, it is vital to make the most of all the tools available to promote it successfully, as never before have there been so many to help you spread the word widely about your enterprise. In fact, while the entrepreneur of the 80s, might have had to shout about their products on billboards to the locals, the entrepreneur of today has online tools to get themselves known worldwide.

Indeed, it is certainly no secret that savvy use of social media can take your business to a whole new level in the 21st century, and this is something any 80s entrepreneur would surely be envious of. However, to make the most of this fundamental modern promotional tool, and free up time for other crucial work, today’s entrepreneur would also be wise to employ the many social media management tools to really excel in their enterprise. And, while it may seem old-hat to mention email as a top tool of today’s entrepreneur, careful use of this can improve your customer communications no end.

However, if you are a slave to your inbox, spending precious time sorting through spam which buries important correspondence, you could consider using a handy email organising tool to prioritise your messages and help you become extra efficient. 

App-solute timesavers

Indeed, in the hectic modern world of entrepreneurialism, finding tools to save you time is definitely the name of the game. Needless to say, there are certain activities that any entrepreneur worth their salt must knit into their schedule, but finding time to do it all can be a challenge.

For example, if you want to remain relevant in the competitive world of business, the importance of lifelong learning and keeping your skills up to date is undeniable, but this can go by the wayside if it cuts into your time too keenly. So, online entrepreneurial skills training, such as that offered by LEO Coreline, is an invaluable tool to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and excel.

With the freedom to dip into courses as you choose, you can learn on your own schedule, as efficiently as possible. Indeed, with so many calls on their time, the busy entrepreneur of today would be well advised to make use of the increasing number of top apps to help them make the most of their time and organise many areas of their life on the go. These can help with everything from filing a tax return to team video conferencing and even help you improve your time management skills to achieve the best work–life balance.

So, although this is only a taster of the tools available to take the entrepreneur of today to the top, with such tech at your fingertips, unless you’re living in the past, you really have no excuse not to truly excel.