UK organisations aim to lower H&S compensation payouts

Any organisation that is aiming to lower compensation payouts for employees regarding health and safety needs to adopt new policies that will ensure and maintain their wellbeing.

There are many UK organisations that are aiming to do this, as not only do compensation payouts cost them a lot of money each year, but most of the time it is something that could have simply been avoided. Health and safety in the workplace should be paramount and for many UK organisations, it will soon be the top of their agenda.

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Companies that are already making a difference in workplace safety

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Gallagher reveals how UK organisations can make changes

Gallagher is a global insurance firm who have recently looked at how companies can reduce health and safety claims and compensation payouts. They believe taking into consideration each worker’s wellbeing is incredibly important. This does not just mean physically, but also emotionally and financially. Tim Johnson, the chief executive of Gallagher Benefit Services within the United Kingdom spoke about how organisations should stay on this path of improving health and safety if they want to attract and keep the best workers.

Johnson noticed that those employers that are using reward frameworks for their employees and taking a more holistic and humanistic approach in improving their employee’s wellbeing are both inspiring and supporting a better workforce.

Financial wellbeing is a big issue within UK organisations

The Office for National Statistics has some eye-opening figures on workplace illnesses, showing just what UK organisations should be working on if they want to lower their pay-outs. One statistic from 2016 shows that nearly 16 million days were taken as sick leave by employees due to stress-related illnesses. From these illnesses, over 25% were because of money worries; this adds up to almost 5 million days that have been lost due to financial stressors.

Gallagher’s report shows that if UK organisations provided their employees with the means to understand their finances and become more financially resilient, there would be less days lost and more workplace productivity. Furthermore, organisational wellbeing would be up, meaning less reasons for health and safety compensation payouts.

Simple changes UK organisations can make

There are already simple changes that many organisations have brought in to maintain safety at all times. Health and safety courses can mean taking a day off work, but they can save millions of days off due to preventing unnecessary accidents. Personal protective equipment is another simple way to keep employees safe and protected at all times. This should always be supplied, and replacements bought if necessary.

Organisations should also make sure their team is happy and working well together. Team building days or team days out are a great way for everyone to feel more comfortable and happier at work. Boosting team morale can go a long way in helping to ensure that employees take their roles seriously, ultimately leading to safer practices.

The biggest change that UK organisations can make is ensuring that everyone knows their role regarding health and safety and the law. So often workplace accidents occur, or sick leave is taken for something that could have been avoided through training and knowledge. The Health and Safety at Work Act is constantly being updated to provide workplaces and employees with the right information to keep those working in UK organisations safe.

If all UK organisations focus on their employees, from their physical safety to their mental wellbeing, they should be able to cut down the amount they shell out in health and safety compensation payouts. This will not only make for a happier and more productive workplace, but it will also increase the amount of interest an organisation will get. A safe workplace makes for a happier workplace, and this starts with upholding employee wellbeing.