6 quick tips for growing a successful business

The point of being in business is to be profitable. That’s what running and owning a successful business all boils down to. If you don’t have strong enough cash flow or profits enough to keep reinvesting and keep the business ticking over, then pretty soon you’re likely to have a crisis on your hands and you are not growing a successful business.

growing a successful businessLuckily there are lots of great resources out there that can help you grow a successful business. Starting out, especially in this day and age, means you are never alone. Just as these six quick tips for growing a successful business hope to demonstrate.

Maintain records

Record keeping is an integral part of every successful business and something you should be striving to keep up with and maintain from the beginning. By keeping detailed accounts of what’s happening in your business, where the money is going and where it’s coming in, you’ll know exactly where you’re at financially and be better able to identify what the next step to take is in order to move forward.

Using an open accounting system can help you keep track of your finances. This ensures you consistently remain informed about the monetary movement within your business, thus allowing you to make sound decisions when it comes to expenditures. Once a company begins seeking a business loan, open accounting offers valuable benefits. Its transparency gives lenders the assurance that they need to see your invoice history and evaluate your company’s financial status, making them more likely to work with you.

Keep tabs on competitors

Keeping an eye on what others are doing in your field and who your biggest competitors might be is absolutely fundamental. In busy niches full of competition, you’ll know that there is a booming market out there that’s definitely worth fighting for. To be the best, you shouldn’t fear watching, studying and analysing your competitors closely. What they’re doing to maximise their profits might not be something you’ve thought of and yet something that could be put into action pretty swiftly.

Getting organised

Somewhat akin to keeping detailed records and keeping a close eye on competitors, getting organised is the more general way of highlighting that successful businesses are continually working to a plan or a system, and one that is flexible enough to adapt.

At the start this might mean taking critical steps like formulating a business plan, considering risk assurance, possibly even looking at strategies as to how to gain capital or investment to help get moving. The more plans in place and road-maps to follow, the smoother your business will run and the easier it will find itself expanding.

Gaining capital is a big issue for a lot of small businesses, and growing a successful business might take a bit of investment at critical times. Using asset finance as an SME is a great way to raise some capital without the long term penalties that other types of finance bring. It is a secured loan against collateral so interest rates are lower and if you are struggling with payment your assets are liquidated.

Concentration and focus

With so many distractions going on around you and cropping up throughout the day, attention-spans everywhere are waning. Successful business leaders however, are the ones that have the capacity to minimise what they let distract them, honing in their focus on that which is absolutely essential.

Patience also goes a long way in regards to this tip, as you’ll have to understand that all great businesses have rolled through bad times in order to get the good ones.


Goes without saying but service is the foundation. All successful businesses are ones that have found a way to deliver an unforgettable customer experience that has helped cement their brand and encourage the loyalty of their customers. In regards to focus and concentration, it’s questions like service that should occupy most of your mental space.

Sacrifice for the good

Businesses occupy a lot of time, space and energy. Those that have committed to the aforementioned tips will understand this as well as anyone. The most successful businesses in history all had to make great sacrifices (or at least their leaders did) along the way and have come out better for it.

Opening up your business and getting it running is only the beginning and growing a successful business is a long term commitment. Sacrificing, especially the time you could be spending doing other things, is simply one that you must be capable of making.