Best part time job for college students

A college student’s schedule is usually more than hectic. Still, when expenses pile up, you may start looking into the possibility of getting a flex, part-time job that can cover your expenses and leave enough time for learning and participating in extracurricular activities.  

If you’re a young learner determined to get a part-time job, the best place to start looking for it is your campus. Campus libraries, learning centres, technical support, and education departments have tons of work just like you. You’ll be surprised at how many vacancies your college or university may offer. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to get a job close to your home. Moreover, by taking an on-campus job you’ll be able to get access to vast learning resources and integrate yourself into academic community.

part-time job

If you don’t know where to start, go ahead and contact your Student Employment Service for more information concerning your future employment. You may check some current on-campus vacancies there and talk the possibility of combining the chosen job with studies through.

Of course, your job search is not limited to on-campus jobs. There are plenty of off-campus flex jobs you can consider too. Just take time to carefully consider such part-time job offers and pick the one that will surely allow you to do your homework on time. You can also get help with an assignment from a reputable UK essay writing service and make more time for yourself.

Teacher assistant

If you’re a graduate student or an academically successful undergraduate, you may consider becoming a teaching fellow or assistant in your college. Responsibilities of a teaching assistant are quite simple. They monitor freshmen during examination, prepare tests, and hand out assignments. If you’re into this job, feel free to check in with your professors about the availability of the position you’re interested in.


Have you ever thought about how your professors manage to grade tons of tests completed by other students? Grading is time-consuming work professors often need help with. You may inquire whether your departments are looking for a grader and apply for this position. Though quite tedious, grading won’t take much of your time, as the workload is spread out based on when tests are. So, working as a grader at college won’t interfere with your main responsibilities as a student.

Campus tour guide

Admissions departments often offer responsible, outgoing, and professional students to apply for one of the most rewarding on-campus jobs, campus tour guide. Colleges and universities give hiring priority to freshmen (usually in their second semester) and sophomores. So, if you’re positive and enthusiastic about your educational establishment, know your campus and its facilities and event, you can take advantage of that knowledge and check with your admissions department about openings.

Library monitor

You may be surprised, but there are many students still giving preference to physical college libraries over online ones. Therefore, colleges often have openings for library monitors. If you want to be close to the sources of knowledge and be able to devote time to academics at every opportunity, consider working as a library monitor. You’ll duty will include overseeing the activity and behavior of students visiting your library, assisting stiff with their everyday duties, ensuring quite and workable study atmosphere. The schedule will be flexible, so there’ll be enough time for you to devote to extracurriculars.


Though very responsible and emotionally demanding, the job of a babysitter is worth being eyed out. Responsible and patient babysitters can make up to £20 per hour. Most people, including professors, prefer to hire students to babysit their offspring. If you don’t feel like looking after newborns or toddlers, you can always opt for babysitting older kids or overseeing teens. There is a good chance that you’ll be able to combine babysitting duties with doing your homework.

We hope you’ll succeed in landing a financially and emotionally rewarding part-time job!