Dressed to the nines: Best luxury watches to make an impression

Sometimes, you just want to look your very best- be it for personal or business reasons, and a nice luxury watch is one of the accessories to complete that perfect image. Have you got that very timepiece in your arsenal of means to get dressed to the nines?

If so, you probably know watches can impress, and if you’re just revealing that potion effect of luxury watches, you’ve hit the right page. We’re going to reveal some of the best ones available in today’s market, and it’s up to you which one will grace your watches

Luxury watches aren’t just a means to improve your appearance: they show that you mean business, and you do it in style. That’s more of a mental association – luxury watches mean longevity, reliability, class and quality, and aren’t those the things we look for, in general?

So, if the plan is “dress to impress”, let’s look at a couple of options you can kill it with. We didn’t focus on watches for 2018- a true luxury watch can kill it any time, really. Instead, we singled out options that stand out with astounding design, sleek touch and classy feel. So, without much ado, let’s focus on these stellar timepieces.

1. Rolex Submariner Date

The word Rolex by itself is enough to symbolize quality and class, desirability and style. This 1969 piece is made of sleek steel, is durable and looks good enough to eat.

Priced at $8,500 at Chronoexpert, this luxury watch is the true companion to ace a date (isn’t that in the name?) and business.

For this amazing collection, Rolex uses Oystersteel. Oystersteel cases, that were specifically designed and brought to life by the brand are superalloys implemented mainly in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, where utmost resistance to corrosion is vital. You can bet this piece doesn’t lose its touch of cool even decades from now.

2. Cartier Ballon Bleu Chronograph White gold

Now, on to a more modern wristwatch from Cartier’s 2008 collection. Cartier Ballon Bleu is a bracelet type watch, made of pure white gold, just a synonym of prestige and status.

At just 40mm of width, this ultra-thin watch features manufacture mechanical movement with manual winding, the white gold case is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and the overall feel is that of pure treasure. This watch is also water resistant, in case you decide to jump into a pool or something.

Priced at around $18,000, this watch may be one of your wisest investments in terms of money and genuine impressions.

3. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 T

What can be more stylish than handcrafted luxury? Folks at Tag Heuer found a way to match high tech with handcrafted details, and the result is breathtaking. Fitting and adjustment work for this sample is performed exclusively by hand. The brand’s partner Atokalpa produces the balance spring at the heart of tourbillon. Made from grade 5 titanium, this timepiece is extremely lightweight and resistant. The finishing touch to this assembly is a black alligator strap sewn onto rubber, with the brand’s signature. Add being sleek and waterproof to the list, and you have the whole package.

These pieces are fairly affordable, starting from $13,000 on average.

4. Patek Philippe Complications Perpetual Calendar

This self-winding perpetual calendar is a true vintage masterpiece. Inspired by Patek Philippes’s 1940 collection, this timepiece features a case with three-tier lugs and a lacquered cream dial. Characterized by mechanical self-winding movement, this watch is pure gold, no pun intended.

Patek Philippe luxury watches like this can’t cost little, this watch is over $100,000 no matter you are looking for a pre-owned or new piece.

These are just several options out of an ocean of opportunities, but we do feel they are special. No matter which options you decide to go with, remember that luxury and vintage watches are more than just that- they are more of an art, and less of wearables. Choose wisely, and they are going to serve you with grace for the decades to come.