Why helicopter transport is ideal for Monaco events

How does a prestigious, busy event in the South of France manage the influx of high-profile visitors to its shores?

With a little help from a local business well versed in helicopter transport, getting people to events in a fast, efficient and safe way.

helicopter transportMonaco, a stage for prestigious business events and trade shows

While the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix may be the the most renowned Monaco events that have built the Principality’s worldwide reputation, the city-state has attracted more and more business-related events over the years.

With hotels, event centres and tourist activities all packed into an area of 2km², Monaco is an ideal setting to set up or attend an event.

This is why many trade fairs and conferences, including the LuxePack, the MICS, Sportel, DataCloud, take place in Monaco.

Why helicopters are the best choice for event transportation

A Monaco helicopter company, such as Monacair, providing transfers between Nice Airport and Monaco, among other services, is an ideal solution for people organising or attending French Riviera and Monaco events. It makes sense for many reasons:

Cost-effective, safe and stylish

The price-tag for the comfort and convenience of helicopter transport between Nice Airport and Monaco is much lower than many people imagine. Helicopter fares for shared flights start from as little as €140, while a taxi costs €100.

For events such as awards ceremonies – and all the other glamorous events on the Cote D’Azur – helicopters allow organisers to transport their guests in style.

For both the company and the event organisers, a VIP helicopter transport partnership is a logical step. Organisers can enhance participants’ overall experience of an event by enabling them to start and end it on a positive and memorable note.

More time, more business

The seven-minute flying time, attendees to take-off from Monaco just one hour before their airport flights. This creates an invaluable window of opportunity when it comes to networking or sealing a deal.

A door-to-door solution

A local helicopter company that is well-established in the community, knows its way around the Principality and includes a free VIP shuttle service with its airport transfer service is valuable for any company or individual participating in an event. When it has unique partnerships with airlines that enable it to provide check-in services, attendees can leave or arrive in Monaco with a single point of contact, making their travel faster and easier.

An unforgettable team-building experience

For professional seminars and conventions, flying in a helicopter with colleagues sets the mood for an off-site event that the whole team has looked forward to for months. It serves as a team-building experience that will never be forgotten. Monacair offers helicopters transfers and tours for up to six people.