Crypto adoption to get a new chapter with learn and earn initiative

Coinbase has been doing a lot of favor for the cryptocurrency users over the past few years. Potential investors who do not have a lot of experience in the crypto market have had the opportunity to learn so much from one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world.

In fact, with the launch of the learn and earn initiative by Coinbase, it is expected that there is going to be a massive boost in the number of investors. The users will be able to learn about the different cryptocurrencies through this program. One of the motivations that will drive the users to follow this program religiously is that they will be able to earn real money as they learn about crypto adoption and blockchain technology.

crypto adoption

The good news for newbies

Ever since the news of the program broke out, the experts have had very good views about it. They are of the opinion that this learn and earn program will encourage more investors to improve the condition of the market. Investors are free to check the Crypto Code Review before investing so that they know what they are investing in and what returns they might expect. The fact that this open financial system lets participants from all over the world join the program is a massive step ahead in the crypto industry.

Enthusiastic investors can use their mobile phones or computers to learn about the program and also participate in it. The idea is to make the blockchain technology more accessible to people so that they have a clear understanding of how the different cryptocurrencies work and the factors they should keep in mind while investing in the currencies.

It was expected that there will be a rush amongst potential investors to enroll for the program but in reality, the demand was so high that Coinbase had to make it an invite-only mode program. Most importantly, Coinbase had specified the single asset that they will be working on. ZRX is one of the most used assets when it comes to teaching about blockchain technology and it was no surprise that Coinbase selected it for their educational content. Although there will be some more assets and cryptocurrencies that will be discussed in the latter half of the program, the base asset will be ZRX.

The users who get the invite-only notification will be able to visit the ZRX page of Coinbase Earn. They will have to go through the page and complete some of the educational tasks that have been set up in the form of quizzes and short video lessons. As a token of participation and learning, they will be able to earn a limited amount of cryptocurrency after finishing the lesson.

Overall, the researchers and the experts are all very excited about the initiative was taken by Coinbase. It will assist people to learn the technology behind cryptocurrency and blockchain and will attract new investors into this industry. Those who are curious to know more about this trade will definitely find this program to be educational and they will also be able to earn some money in the process.