Why SEM is crucial for local businesses

The increased popularity of social media marketing has caused many small to midsize businesses to use less of search engine marketing (SEM) recently.

SEM for local businessesSince Facebook presents an amazing foundation for local businesses due to its software that enables simple scalability that makes it useful for most of the budgets. Furthermore, many marketers are already very familiar with the platform as it is widely used for personal social connections.

Even though social media marketing has made online marketing pretty easy and widely accessible, there are still many reasons to include SEM in your digital marketing strategy, especially if you are a small local business. In this article we also reveal how you can make parallel profits with search engine marketing.

Good search engine visibility increases your customer base

Don’t get us wrong – social media is a great tool to interact and keep your current audience. However, SEM is very important in terms of reaching out to new customers. There was a recent study by Nielsen, that proved customers often use search engines when looking for services and products. Some businesses make a big mistake in dismissing the proposition of SEM as they believe it applies mostly to online merchants. The truth is, however, that the trend also applies to physical shops and service providers. So, if you are a local business, you should consider employing some of the SEM strategies, so you don’t get left behind.  And if you think those methods are not for you due to financial reasons, think again.

You don’t need a lot of money for SEM

Even if it seems that the SEM campaign demands a lot of initial investment, the truth is quite the opposite. Search engine marketing doesn’t require too much money, and the costs of smaller local campaigns are on par with social media campaigns of similar size. And what is even better, SEM marketing has a way better conversion rate than social media marketing campaigns. So, all in all, you should be getting more out of your initial investment if you made a successful SEM campaign. As it is relatively cheap, SEM presents a good marketing option for small to midsize businesses that just started out with digital marketing and don’t have a lot of knowledge or capital in that marketing field.

SEM is simple to scale

SEM is an accessible marketing tool for small to midsize businesses, that enables very specific targeting. With the real-time insights, the businesses can easily adjust their SEM campaigns to the results. It is always possible to boost a campaign that performs better than expected, or quickly stop a campaign that just doesn’t deliver good results.

Even though other marketing strategies did receive a lot of attention recently, the importance of SEM is something every business should be aware of. As SEM is easy to start, it’s scalable, and has a low cost, while providing great conversion rates, it is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to market their local business.

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