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Mixergy hot water tank enters London market

Energy consumption is a hot button issue following the recent UN Climate Change conference. Every year we require more and more energy to heat our homes, travel to work, buy and cook our food, and power all of our devices. And, all of that comes with a cost.

The rising price of utilities can put a great strain on household finances, while the environmental impact of a few of those sources can have long-term effects that may prove even more costly. Solutions to these problems can start at home with how we use and conserve energy. Mixergy tackles these issues by combining intelligent technology and innovative controls to offer consumers a water heating system light-years ahead of conventional methods in their hot water tank.

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What is Mixergy?

The need to balance economic stability and environmental responsibility is key, and the Mixergy tank works to do just that. This intelligent water system can not only save homeowners money each year, it is environmentally conscious and manages to do so while providing faster and more consistent hot water output than is found in conventional systems.

Smart technology

Conventional hot water tanks take an all or nothing approach to the job, heating the entire contents of the tank at once. Not only does this take several hours to accomplish, it wastes large amounts of energy since it is often unnecessary for the typically household to need the entire tank of hot water at any given time. With the Mixergy hot water tank, there will be no more lukewarm showers or rushing to be done before the tank runs out. It heats just what you need, saving you money as well as time. Thanks to its better use of energy, the Mixergy tank can provide users with more hot water per volume than conventional tanks– up to 30%.

The components contained in the Mixergy tank have been intelligently designed to exploit the natural properties of hot and cold water while also utilizing the latest control and sensory technology. This allows for a reduction in potential heat loss, savings that can quickly be felt in your wallet.

Hot vs. cold: Not all water is stored equally

There is a concept called thermal stratification. It sounds complicated, but the basics behind it is fairly simple: cold water weighs more per volume than hot water. This difference in density causes water stored in a tank to separate into “layers” with the warmer water “floating” on top of the colder water. The Mixergy tank takes advantage of this concept in order to reduce heat loss and reheating time.

In conventional tanks, the constant inflow of cold water to the tank undermines the thermal stratification effect and causes the water to mix. This significantly drops the overall temperature of the water contained inside the tank, requiring more energy and time to get it back up to a usable warm temperature. In the Mixergy tank, a custom diffuser keeps the incoming water from mixing with the layers that have already been heated. This unique addition is what allows the Mixergy tank to dispense 30% more heated water before the temperature of the tank drops below comfortable levels.

Innovative controls

Advances in user interface technology allow owners of the Mixergy tank to customize their heating schedule through the use of smart controls. There are settings designed to lower energy costs by allowing the tank to only heat water to a percentage optimal for daily use. Algorithms can also trigger the tank to kick on or off when the percentage of hot water reaches specific pre-established levels. A removable gauge on the tank displays the current hot water level, and should more heat be required, the included “Boost” button allows for easy adjustment.

At the heart of its innovation, the Mixergy tank contains sensory technology controlled by an on-board computer that keeps track of hot water levels. This computer also learns the usage habits of the household and heats just enough to meet those needs. You can schedule the system to function differently for specific days of the week and even suspend heating if you plan to be away for an extended period of time.

The tank itself can also connect to the internet and offers the user remote access through a smart device. The internet connection allows the system’s energy consumption to be tracked in real-time through the smart meter as well as displaying how much hot water is currently available. Through the Mixergy app, users can do the following:

  • Set the amount of available hot water
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Display graphs of water temperature and levels
  • See if the tank is actively heating water
  • Set an automated schedule
  • Generate electrical cost estimates
  • Suspend heating
  • Set the tank’s heating source (i.e. electric, gas) and what time of day it is used

These smart functions also make the Mixergy hot water tank great for taking advantage of money saving tariffs aimed at promoting the use of renewable sources of energy. The Mixergy app is available to both Apple and Android users through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Economic stability and environmental responsibility

Energy equals money. Nearly half of the expenses generated by the average household in the UK is due to heat and hot water. Available in a variety of sizes from 90 to 300 liters, the Mixergy hot water tank is compatible with both conventional and renewable sources of energy, including including electric, gas, and solar. The tank is easy to install and even easier to use and comes coupled with a warranty.

Homes with solar diverters on the roof get the added benefit of having excess energy diverted from the panels to the tank, avoiding the need to get energy from the grid. But it gets even better than that. Thanks to the Mixergy tank’s efficiency, less renewable energy is required for it to function, leaving more of that energy available for use in the rest of the home. This not only saves the household money but also reduces its carbon emissions due to a decrease in supplemental energy drawn from the grid. With the combined use of Mixergy tanks throughout the market, more renewable energy is left available for use across the grid, creating more economic and environmentally friendly storage solutions.

In addition to its financial and environmental advantages, the Mixergy tank also runs routine sterilizations to make sure that the entirety of the tank is free from pathogens. Unlike conventional tanks that typically fail at sterilization due to issues involving heat transfer and poor conduction, all parts of the Mixergy tank, such as the hard to reach bottom, receive proper sterilization to ensure your household’s ongoing health and wellness.

Help yourself and your community by saving money and energy at home whilst cutting back on the nation’s overall energy consumption and carbon emissions. Thanks to an exclusive contract with My Plumber the Mixergy tank will be available for installation throughout London. Check out their website through the link above for more information on the Mixergy system and how its innovative design is changing the landscape of energy consumption. Also, learn more about basic water saving tips and other projects aimed at conserving our resources. When you’re ready, visit the Mixergy shop to configure your tank and begin saving money, time, and the environment.