5 ways small business is taking advantage energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a hot topic in the last twenty years. Some business models rely solely on their ability to improve the energy efficiency of everyday homes.

We take a look at the most effective ways of saving energy and improve your business energy efficiency from the humble LED bulb to major double glazed sash energy efficiency

  1. LED bulbs have become an instant hit in the last ten years and offer up to 90% power saving over traditional filament bulbs. Not only that, they also have a working life up to 25,000 hours and come with a three year manufacturer’s guarantee. Being easy enough to install that homeowners can do so themselves has led to an explosion of companies reliant on this green product alone.
  2. According to Neeeco’s mass save home energy audit, smart thermostats have become a really useful tool in the home for saving money and improving energy efficiency. All homes require heating but managing this effectively without waste has been a longstanding problem. These handy gadgets allow you to set a constant temperature which means before it gets too warm it’ll switch off and cut power usage. There’s a boom of business making these handy thermostats compatible with modern boilers. More information for smart thermostats is available at the Energy Savings Trust.
  3. Double glazed sash windows are often installed to reduce the energy loss in period properties. These handy upgraded windows that were once single glazed are extremely inefficient and now there are literally hundreds of sash windows companies throughout the UK that offer sash window draught-proofing and double glazed sash windows to improve the efficiency of homes with a large number congregated in London. Not only to double glazed windows improve the thermal aspect of your home, they also reduce noise pollution.
  4. Cavity wall insulation offers great heat-saving benefits. There are small businesses that drill a series of holes into your walls and then inject expanding form into the void between your bricks. This fills the void entirely and improves the rate at which heat transfers through your walls. More information on cavity wall insulation is available here. It’s worth knowing that only houses with a double skin (two layers of bricks) can do this but most homes in the UK and especially London meet this criterion.
  5. Loft insulation companies will install a fibreglass based roll of insulation that traps pockets of air leading to energy savings. Many businesses are completely reliant day to day on installing loft insulation and it now makes up 30% of all energy savings in our homes. Many businesses are completely reliant day to day on installing loft insulation and it now makes up 30% of all energy savings in our homes. Besides loft insulation, homeowners are also opting to convert their lofts with the help of simply because added spaces are always so beneficial and useful

Small business is powering energy efficiency in London particularly and the rest of the UK is catching up. It’s nice to see homes reducing their carbon footer and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels which are dwindling and causing global warming. Ultimately we are almost certainly going to be reliant on being energy efficient and small businesses will continue to take advantage of that.