Reasons why you need a VPN service at work

We are living in an online world. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep the world is becoming increasingly connected to the internet. Businesses are even more so. Having access to the correct information at all times could be the difference between winning a new customer or losing a big client.

You can have access to this information on all your connected devices at any time or place. However, the danger of using devices is when you are on the move and loss of sensitive data could lose you reputation as well as customers. This is where a VPN service comes in.

VPN service

In this article, along with Surfshark, we will look at why you need a VPN service at your business:

What is a VPN service?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a proven method to transmit any information confidentially to employees or clients. It also allows to safely execute financial transactions and to stay private in countries with high internet censorship. Additionally, using a VPN will help companies bypass bandwidth throttling, surveillance or tracking by ISPs. A VPN also protects the company and its employees from the risk of working from unsecured Wi-Fi spots, such as hotels, cafes, or airports.

Before starting your journey, be aware that not every VPN offers the same coverage; you should pick one which services are proven to be on the top. Throughout this comparison of UK VPNs, you will navigate in depth the variety of pros and cons of using them according to your specific needs

Accessing company data on a public Wi-Fi network is a gamble not worth taking. But if you have to you should use a VPN.

Why your business needs a VPN service

An average data breach costs companies around 7 million dollars per year, due to loss of customers, business disruption, the effect on brand reputation, fines, and so on. Small businesses are especially at risk, because many of them do not even have basic security tools in place, such as antivirus, firewalls or encryption software.

A VPN service provides encryption and protection from hackers and other cybersecurity issues. Spending your emergency budget on fixing cybersecurity breaches could have been mitigated by investing in a VPN service that protects all your devices and employees at risk from attack.

Using a VPN service is not only about protection from cyberattacks. With the recent GDPR regulations coming into place some websites have decided to only cater to certain countries. Using a VPN service, you can gain unrestricted browsing on any website on the internet. Your digital identity on these sites is protected on these sites whilst using a VPN, allowing privacy and extra protection when online

How can you protect your business

The best and most effective way for any business to protect their data is to use a VPN service. A VPN service encrypts all the traffic flow between the internet and a device thus hiding user’s IP address. VPNs have become a mainstream tool and quite a few have been remodeled to be very user-friendly.

There are several free VPN services on the market. However, as a business owner you need to ensure you have the best protection possible for your clients and employees. Free services can provide a good standing for the individual user. Investing in a paid VPN service gives better, stronger protection.