Why your website needs link building

When you’re developing your search engine optimization strategy, link building for your website should be one of your top priorities.

link building

This is the practice of getting links to your website placed on the pages of other sites. If you want people to see your site, these link building is essential.

Link building encourages traffic

A person who is interested in your website’s topic is likely to read other websites that are dedicated to similar topics. If those websites contain links to your site, readers might click those links to learn more on the topic. This is a natural way to get people who are interested in what you have to offer to visit your page.

To help drive this type of traffic to your site, you can reach out to related websites or blogs and ask for the opportunity to do a guest post for their readers. This often provides a great opportunity to encourage another site’s followers to visit your webpage.

Link building boosts search results

Search engines use complicated algorithms to determine which websites get top billing in their search results. The ones with the highest rankings are typically sites to which a lot of other websites link. In other words, if a lot of websites feature links to your pages, your pages are more likely to score high search engine results.

If the sites that link to your pages are considered reputable, then your results will be more favorable than if poor-quality pages link to yours. Therefore, it’s not enough simply to have a lot of links to your page; you need links that are of good quality. In fact, if a lot of spammy sites link to your pages, search engines may drop your own site’s ranking.

Often, it’s best if the links are from sites that are dedicated to a similar niche or topic as yours is. This demonstrates to search engines that your material has value to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

PureLinq has some pointers for this:

  • Determine what keywords and topics are relevant to your site.
  • Find other sites that relate to those topics.
  • Reach out to those sites for the opportunity to share your links.

Link building increases domain authority

What determines whether a website is considered quality or spammy? Of course, with some websites, you can just look at them and know that they’re not particularly reliable or authoritative. However, that’s not the real measure of whether a site is considered good or not. The real measure is how it stacks up in terms of domain authority. This is a numerical measurement of a site’s reputation. A site that’s considered reputable will receive a higher domain authority number.

If other quality sites link to yours, that can help boost your domain authority. Search engines are more likely to feature your page high in search results if they consider you to have a strong domain authority ranking. Plus, if your domain authority is high, other sites may start considering you an expert in the field. They may even want you to feature their links!

Link building can require an investment of time and resources, but it will pay off in the forms of increased traffic and a stronger reputation.