How to choose the right business management software

Choosing the right business management software can be an arduous task. Here at NAV Experts, we deal with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Business Central on a daily basis. We meet with countless clients looking for the ultimate business management software that’s not only efficient and does the job intended, but works for them.

Having spent so much time with clients, we’ve recognised some common questions we go through in order to find the right business management software solution for them.

right business management software

You could even hire a software product development company to create exactly what you need if you find everything else lacking for your business.

From Dynamic NAV to Business Central, here’s what you need to ask yourself to find the most suited option.

Business management software: Common questions

What’s the problem? – You aren’t looking for new software for the sake of it. There has to be an issue or at least a minor problem that needs to be solved, information managed etc. In order to source the best software for you, we need to establish what it is you’re looking to achieve. The most common issues surround double data entry, endless spreadsheets, the use of too many business tools, the lack of a real overview etc. Wherever your problem lies, try as best as you can to define it as this will help you find the best solution possible.

Map your current workflow? – In order to find a truly suitable solution, you must have a good idea of your business workflow. Think about the daily routine, from your daily activities to the information you use. What do you do on a daily basis? How do you track your activities? What information to collect? What information do you maintain? How do you manage all the information for your entire business? Who has and who needs access to said information? What’s your biggest stumbling block where this is concerned?

Do you have other requirements? – It’s crucial that you consider every detail before settling on your chosen business management software. Once you’ve really looked at your specific problems, your specific workflow and the best solutions, then you can really start to think about your individual requirements. If it makes things easier, consider writing a list of other requirements including anything from UI and design, on-premise or cloud solutions, data importing and much more.

Is the whole team on board? – While the company may belong to you, it makes good sense to maintain the support, and excitement we might add, of your whole team, especially when it comes to making decisions about software. You want to ensure your team benefit from new solutions too.

What’s your budget? – While we wish it didn’t, money is always a factor. The question is, how much are you willing to spend? Before you start looking for your new software, establish your budget, what is within budget and what is absolutely not.

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