Why Parquet Flooring is right on trend?

Parquet Flooring has been around for quite some time. In the 1600s, it became famous in France. Till a few years back, it was an old flooring option. However, recently it is back in the trend. It has become famous globally as a modern and trendy flooring option. The increasing popularity of Parquet Flooring is due to a wide variety of factors.

Parquet FlooringParquet Flooring consists of blocks or strips of wood. It primarily includes strips and blocks arranged geometrically. The patterns can be symmetric and look somewhat engineered. In this age of social media, such as geometric patterns have made Parquet Flooring famous once again. However, this is only one of the reason why Parquet Flooring is back in the trend.

There are quite a few other reasons which we will highlight below.

1. Aesthetically pleasing

The main advantage of Parquet Flooring is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The designs, as well as the engineered look, help it stand out as compared to any other flooring option. The complex shapes on display are in a much more sophisticated manner. The sophistication ensures that it matches any decor. When you’re going for hardwood flooring options, Parquet Flooring can help you gain those aesthetics.

If you prefer to make the flooring of your home a focal point, there is no better option than Parquet Flooring. Aesthetics are the primary reason why it is back in the trend.

2. Geometric designs

Very few flooring options offer geometric designs. The advantage of geometric designs is that they fit into any decor. Moreover, they are suitable for smaller as well as larger forms. It is the reason why people prefer flooring options with geometric designs rather than the plain vanilla designs. Moreover, most of the Parquet Flooring designs are symmetric. The symmetry further adds to the look of those designs.

When you look at Parquet Flooring options, they seem carefully curated. The sophisticated look of the Parquet Flooring means that the designs are pretty intricate and appear if they have been manually brought together to provide the level of sophistication which is unparalleled. The shapes in Parquet Flooring are plenty like triangles, squares, and rectangles. All of them get amalgamated into the design in such a way that none of the shapes and designs look out of place. The geometric designs have made Parquet Flooring viral on social media which has brought it back into the trend.

3. Multiple types

Earlier, when you spoke about Parquet Flooring, only the natural flooring was the option which you could buy. It’s 100% wood. While it was an excellent option to go with but the designs and the finishing were not immaculate. The cost of Parquet Flooring was also on the higher side. Since high-quality natural wood was required, there was a lot of wastage of water in the creation of Parquet Flooring. It was not an eco-friendly solution. With the help of technology, all of that has changed.

These days, when you opt for parquet flooring, it consists of natural and engineered food. The percentage of engineered wood in the construction of Parquet Flooring varies from one flooring option to another. A lot also depends on the design of the flooring. The advantage of engineered wood is that it provides you with an immaculate finish. Moreover, it consists of different layers of wood which adds to the durability. The Parquet Flooring options which include engineered wood also reduce the wastage of wood which makes them much more eco-friendly as compared to the traditional choice. Thus, these days when you opt for the parquet flooring, it is much more immaculate and eco-friendly as compared to the other options.

4. Non-allergic

Many people suffer from a wide variety of allergies these days. Allergic reactions can be detrimental to your health. When you are prone to allergic reactions, it is a good idea to choose a flooring option which is hypoallergenic. Parquet Flooring is one such flooring option. Since it is easy to clean and also has a smooth surface, you can be sure that the chances of dust and contaminants getting embedded are on the lower side. When there is no dust and contaminants, the chances of any allergy occurring are also less. Even if you have pets at home, chances are less, that any bacteria or allergens get embedded into the floor. If you’re searching for flooring option which helps you avoid allergic reactions, you can go with Parquet Flooring.

5. High stability

Parquet Flooring is much stable as compared to the other flooring options. You have to look at the construction of the flooring to understand why it is so durable. Even the natural Parquet Flooring designs consist of 3 different layers. The layers perpendicular to each other minimize the movement.

The top layer of the flooring is the wear layer. The thickness of this layer is 2.5 MM to 3.2 MM. The second layer is the one that provides it with maximum stability. It can handle a substantial impact as well. The last layer consists of wood which is ecologically certified and provides you with proper balance and stability. The construction of Parquet Flooring is such that the layers underneath are made from cheaper types of wood. It is done to reduce the cost of the flooring options. Another reason why such layers are formed from an inferior kind of wood is that they are not visible from the outside. That is why; the aesthetics of those layers are not up to the mark. The stability is another reason why Parquet Flooring is finding many takers these days.

6. Affordable

Affordable flooring options have always been in the trend. With real estate becoming more and more expensive, people are often looking for affordable ways to decorate their home. Over the years, due to the advancement in technology, the cost of Parquet Flooring has consistently come down. Moreover, the less intricate the design; the more affordable will be the flooring. You can also choose the engineered flooring which is comparatively affordable. If you are not sure about the cost of this flooring, you can use the cost calculators online. They are simple to use. You need to visit and enter the room dimensions in meters or feet. If you know the exact area of your room, you can enter that as well. You have to then click calculate. The cost calculator will let you know the precise amount you need to spend. It can provide you the cost with or without VAT. Thus, there will be no iota of doubt regarding the cost-effectiveness of this flooring type. Overall, when you compare it with the other flooring options, this flooring option is undoubtedly affordable and budget friendly.

7. Easy to clean

The only maintenance, which Parquet Flooring needs is regular cleaning. The advantage is that you can use different cleaning methods like:

  • Vacuuming: You can use a vacuum cleaner whenever you want as per your requirement. It does not impact the design of the appearance of the Parquet Flooring.
  • Wet mops: If you do not have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can even use a damp mop, with the best floor mops found on Findmats. It allows you to clean the entire surface easily. It is suitable for deep cleaning as well. You have to make sure that it is damp and not overloaded with water.
  • Detergent cleaning: if you want to opt for professional cleaning of the Parquet Flooring, you can use a proper detergent to clean it. You have to mix it with water before using it as the cleaning solution. You can after that apply it to the parquet flooring and then wipe it off with another mop. It allows you to clean the Parquet Flooring thoroughly.

As you can see, one of the main reasons why Parquet Flooring is back in the trend is because it is easy to clean. Most of the homes these days have conventional vacuum cleaners or robotic vacuum cleaners. They are more than enough to clean the Parquet Flooring. Most of the people need not spend a lot of time on a daily basis to clean parquet flooring. That is why it is such an excellent flooring option.

8. Durable

Many people these days research different flooring options before choosing the right one. Parquet Flooring is available on the Internet. When you look at the characteristics of this flooring, you will realize that it is one of the most durable options which you have. You don’t need to worry about things like a replacement or extensive repairs for years together.

One thing however, which you have to keep in mind is that the durability of this flooring will always be dependent on the width of the tile. You can opt for the 5-inch width option, or you can opt for the 7 7/8 width option. There are other width options available as well. However, these are the most common with options which are also highly durable. In these options as well, when you opt for the engineered flooring, the layers are on the higher side. The higher layers provide you with a high amount of durability. You need to prefer the engineered option as compared to the natural one if you want to go for higher strength. Have a look at for more information.

9. Easy to resurface

People these days like to conduct DIY repairs whenever they face a problem in their homes. DIY is in the trend these days. There are very few flooring options which provide you with the opportunity to conduct DIY repairs. Parquet Flooring is one such option. If the flooring has been damaged or has blocks or pieces missing, you can construct the wooden blocks of suitable size and fit them into the flooring. You will not have to change the entire flooring.

With the help of some woodworking skills, it will be easier for you to resurface this flooring. It is similar to fitting the pieces into a jigsaw puzzle. Once you do that, you can easily use glue to resurface this flooring. Thus, even if the premises have been left alone for years together, it is effortless for you to resurface this flooring. The DIY nature of this flooring is put into the limelight again.

10. Unique

The designs which are on offer in Parquet Flooring are hardly available in any other flooring option. Most of the flooring options do not offer geometric designs. If you’re looking for flooring option, which will help your home stand out, you can go with this flooring option. These days, in the age of social media people, are often looking for the decor options which will help them stand out. As a result, Parquet Flooring is back in the trend.

11. Customization

When looking at this type of flooring options the design options are plenty. You can vary the design based on a whole host of factors like:

  • Thickness
  • Geometric patterns
  • Appearance
  • Finish
  • Material

You can even order the flooring online which will allow you to choose between hundreds of different designs. When you head over to the nearest flooring store, they will show you only a couple of options. When you order online, you can get the precise finish and the color which you want. You can even place a customized order which will allow you to change the material in the wood as per your requirement. When looking for a flooring option which offers you complete customization, it does not get any better than this. Moreover, you can choose the design precisely as per the interiors of your home, which allows you to amalgamate the flooring into the decor.

The trend of customizing your home to make a style statement is gaining more and more impetus. The trend has also brought back Parquet Flooring.

12. Weather resistant

The flooring option which we are speaking about now can handle moisture as well as high temperature without any problem. If you live in the geography where temperatures can reach extremes in respective seasons, then also this flooring option will not suffer from extended wear and tear. As a result, if you want something more reliable than regular hardwood flooring, Parquet Flooring is one of the best options for you. It can handle moisture as well which ensures that there is no deterioration in the quality of the flooring.

The reason why this flooring is back into the trend is not a single one. There are many factors which are propelling it forward. With so many reasons behind the popularity of this flooring, it seems like it will remain quite popular for the years to come. There are also a few fundamental reasons like being economical and durable which are timeless. It is a good idea to go with Parquet Flooring as it is not just a fad. When you couple this with the timeless/eternal benefits and advantages which it has over other flooring options, it is a no-brainer that you should go with this flooring option.