What to ask every digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies are a great resource for helping to increase the interest in your brand. They are professionals who know how to gain the attention of your target audience and increase traffic to your website and even a physical location if you happen to have one.

If you have never used a digital marketing agency before, or you have limited experience and feel confused about what to look for in an agency that would work well for your need, keep reading for tips on what to ask before deciding which company to work with.

digital marketing agency

What is their SEO experience and strategy?

A great way to find out the level of experience a digital marketing agency has in today’s market is to find out what type of SEO strategies they have used successfully in the past and which they prefer to incorporate for most of their current customers. SEO strategy has changed drastically over the last few years. Outdated techniques can decrease the agency’s effectiveness, which is going to cost your business. Some questions you can ask to gauge the situation include:

  • How does your company acquire top search engine rankings?
  • How does the agency create quality links?
  • What does the agency require the client to do in order to see successful results?
  • What type of content do they provide and do they rely on keywords or interesting content to create user clicks.

Quality content

Speaking of content quality, if you are looking for a great digital marketing agency, you can usually tell right away how beneficial they will be to your business by reviewing some of their previously used content. You want to aim for companies who provide content to create interest and that supply useful information to the reader rather than simply trying to get them to click onto the article using specific keywords and metadata. Some questions to ask the marketing agency would be:

  • What is your criteria for quality content?
  • Do you provide content that would be useful for a wide range of topics, or just information related to the specific business or client they represent?
  • How often do they provide quality content for the home website or blog of their clients?

Social media presence

One of the most powerful tools in a digital marketing agency’s arsenal is the ability to effectively manage the client’s social media presence. Highly effective agencies will cover all of the major platforms and pay attention to the regularity of the content posted to the sites and focus on those sites that are home to the demographic the client wants to connect with and attract to their website. Some questions you can ask the agency about their social media strategy include:

  • How often do they post content to their selected social platforms?
  • What type of content do they like to post to gain visibility and entice the viewer to click on links within the content?
  • What platforms do they usually focus attention on based on the client need?
  • Do they use special marketing and promotion packages offered by the platform?

Asking these questions will help you to determine if the digital marketing agency is a good fit for your needs. Before speaking with a representative, have a clear goal outlined and let them know what your expectations are and have a defined budget to help avoid overspending. If you are interested in finding a reputable digital marketing company that can get results, check out PPC PRO. They have the knowledge and experience to help your brand get in front of your target audience and compel them to visit your site or learn more about your product or service.