AdvoCare pros and cons: Everything you need to know about this MLM program

AdvoCare International is a famous multi-level marketing company in the United States selling dietary supplements. It has a networking concept, involving downlines or multi-level sales and marketing. Charles Ragus founded it in 1993, and the headquarters of the company is located in Plano, Texas. The company promotes direct selling through its 60,000 independent distributors in the United States alone.

AdvoCare is a MLM program which sells a wide array of dietary supplements that health and fitness enthusiasts mostly seek. Members either come as a retail customer or may register and become a preferred customer, distributor, or advisor to avail of product discounts and earn commissions from sales.

AdvoCare MLM program

If you want to be part of this MLM program then you should learn about its pros and cons:

Pros of AdvoCare

1. Get to work with an established company

As a business, AdvoCare has been in the industry for over ten years. Based on the disclosure statement of AdvoCare in 2015, about 623,003 distributors purchased products and received checks that year. They takes pride with its achievements and support from retail customers and distributors. You can find more information about AdvoCare on websites like Computerknacks.

Here are the other facts about as explained by Wikipedia:

  • About 177,443 or 28% earned a check from AdvoCare in 2015 who are considered as active distributors.
  • Advocare mentioned that the company had sold an estimate of 350,000 distributor membership since 2003.
  • The company is a proud member of the prestigious U.S. Direct Selling Association or DSA.
  • Celebrity endorsers include NFL quarterbacks, such as Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, and Alex Smith, and Doug Fister, an Major League Baseball pitcher. Rich Froning, a CrossFit champion, and, Carli Lloyd, Wes Welker, and Sam Bradford also became AdvoCare celebrity endorsers.
  • AdvoCare was the title sponsor in the famous 2014 Texas Bowl.
  • The company also sponsored numerous NASCAR racing teams, and races at Phoenix International Raceway and Atlanta Motor Speedway.

2. Get support and training

Once you sign-up and become an AdvoCare Distributor, you’ll get an AdvoCare Kit offering great benefits, helping you get ready to start your business. From a retail customer, turn to a preferred customer to get an immediate 20% discount from AdvoCare products. You can venture into direct selling business for as low as 59 USD. Also, you’ll get the following benefits from AdvoCare MLM program:

  • Free personalized website you can use to promote AdvoCare products.
  • Get 20% to 40% product discount.
  • Online training and development.
  • Free downloadable promotional materials.

3. Different health and fitness product lines

The AdvoCare product formulas are USP grade because they come with a guaranteed amount of potency. Also, most AdvoCare products help improve the metabolism rate and the immune system. For example, the  24-day challenge product line is a great way to develop improved eating habits, leading to weight reduction. They offers over 70 products available with different product lines, including the following:

  • 24-day Challenge products.
  • Healthy Aging products.
  • Wellness products.
  • Energy and Endurance.
  • Empower products.

Cons of AdvoCare

1. Can be expensive

As compared to other food supplements sold on pharmacies and groceries, AdvoCare products can be expensive for retail customers. If you want to direct sell these products, you can’t fully guarantee that the products work for every customer, so it’s essentially a gamble and costly.

2. Product complaints

AdvoCare sells large containers of powdered energy drink using a single scoop. The company uses genetically modified or GMO foods, like soybeans, added in highly refined (fibers and protein isolates). When you search online, you’ll find complaints about the possibility of overdose and health consequences. Some people have health issues with GMO food consumption. Here are some product complaints:

  • Allergy-related effects.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Changes in blood pressure (due to 120 mg of caffeine per serving).
  • Glucose spikes.

3. Unsatisfactory earnings

About 34.5% of AdvoCare independent sales representatives are distributors, which is considered as the lowest rank. In 2014, the average annual income of an active distributor was 1,610 USD. On the other hand, the average yearly salary of advisors was 2,190 USD. Generally, it takes more than a year to reach silver status and to enjoy a five-figure average annual income.


It’s a good idea to start your direct selling business through multi-level marketing, most especially if you’re good in sales and convincing people to become distributors too. AdvoCare is undoubtedly an established company with a wide customer base. The product lines are appealing, and the discounts you can get are straightforward. Of course, the harder you work, the more money you make. If you’re a good seller, you’ll reach your target goals sooner.