Great ways to gain more brand exposure

Hanging out your own shingle and starting a business of your own can be exhilarating as well as challenging. The biggest hurdle for most entrepreneurs is getting enough brand exposure and building up a firm customer base. This can take time, specialized effort and even a large chunk of your budget, but there are easier and cheaper ways to help your new business to get recognized.

brand exposureFrom using social media platforms to expand your customer reach, to online marketing campaigns to drum up interest in your product or service, creating a strong brand and getting brand exposure can be a complex process.

Ensuring that you have excellent content, easy user navigation and the use of an easy SSL Migration Service are all things to consider before going online. Although you may still want to seek out guidance or professional help to get started, there are some things that you can do to help increase your brand exposure that won’t break the budget.

Strong content

You may have an attractive and functional website as a base for your online business presence, but if you aren’t adding quality and informative content for users you are missing out on many profit opportunities. Blog articles and “How To” style guides are a great resource for new users and can help boost your search engine rankings.

Your website should not only offer your potential clients a place to contact you, but also a site for discovery and connection. Your page content is what you will use to help draw in interest and as a platform to connect to new customers.

Delivering quality content that drives user engagement is one of the best ways to help expand your brand. Posting or promoting your page content across social media platforms is also an excellent way to draw users to your page.

Social media

In the online world, social media is king. If you are not already taking advantage of the power of the internet to reach new customers across the globe, then you are sacrificing a huge potential profit. Harnessing the power of the “Like” and “Share” options on different social media platforms can help you to effortlessly get the word out about your business.

Consider your intended audience and where you are most likely to find them when designing your social media campaign. Product-based businesses may benefit more from using Instagram and Pinterest formats, while service or commerce businesses may have better exposure using LinkedIn or Facebook. If you are new to the online commerce world, setting up your marketing plan with a professional advertising service can help you target your campaign for the right exposure.

Online listings

Take advantage of the connection power of the Internet. Make sure that you have registered your business with as many online directories as you can. From local business listings to global niche organizations, the more places that you can list your company, the broader your exposure.

With enough citations and listings, your search engine rankings will start to improve, putting you higher in the results lists for any internet search. With over 95% of consumer inquiries beginning with an online search for information, you can’t afford to wait to establish a strong online presence.