5 top tips for moving to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, which is commonly referred to as VoIP, is the latest buzz word in the telecommunications industry, with many businesses asking whether they should move their telecoms to the cloud using a this system.

VoIPAs a leading business telecoms provider, Network Telecom believes that it is important for a business to have an understanding of what VoIP actually is before changing their current business telephone system.

Why should you consider moving to VoIP?

VoIP has been around for a number of years but it has recently gained more popularity due to BT announcing that ISDN phone lines will be phased out in the near future. ISDN lines are what power the majority of traditional phone systems, in other words, phone systems that are not in the cloud.

Despite the initial misconceptions around VoIP, such as that it is too complicated and too expensive, it has fast been growing in popularity as the phone system of choice for SMEs and larger organisations. It is the favoured phone system because of its ability to keep businesses talking in all situations. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP isn’t hardware dependent so physical disasters such as an office flood will not affect your ability to communicate.

In addition, VoIP is arguably more cost effective than traditional phone systems as it doesn’t incur any hardware costs apart from the handsets. In addition, calls are made over an existing internet connection which tend to be a lot cheaper than a traditional phone line. There are a lot more benefits to using the system including scalability, boosted productivity, ease of use and greater call management control.

Top tips for making the move:

  1. Start by exploring your VoIP options

One size doesn’t fit all with VoIP. It makes sense to do your research into what type of system you require, how many phones you need and to familiarise yourself with any jargon involved with VoIP systems, which should be understood from the outset. If you have an existing phone system, we’d suggest that you double check the details of the contract to confirm whether you will be able to change your system to a VoIP system with them or whether you will need to pay any cancellation fees to change to another provider.

  1. Check your network to ensure it can handle the demands

VoIP systems rely entirely on an internet connection. It is important to check that your internet connection is fast enough and strong enough to successfully carry your calls. The aim of a business phone system, whether VoIP or otherwise, is to have clear calls.

  1. Contact various providers and consider your options

If you currently have a telecoms provider, you may choose to stay with them and simply change to a VoIP system. However, we would suggest that you consider a variety of options which will ultimately mean talking to a variety of providers. When considering a new provider, look at more than just the price of the system. Take into account things like how easy it is to get in touch with their support team, whether or not they will provide you with a dedicated account manager and the common consensus around the company via something like their Google reviews.

  1. Setup training for your employees

When you change to a VoIP system, a basic level of training will be required for the employees that will be using the system. This is usually offered to you by the engineer on the day of installation and then additional training should be available as and when required to ensure that each user knows how to use all functions of the phone system.

  1. Utilise all of the features

One of the benefits of VoIP is the huge number of features that comes with it. Mobile convergence is a really helpful feature that means you’re connected to your desk phone via your mobile. Call recording is a feature that many businesses couldn’t live without and it comes as standard with VoIP phone systems. This enables you to replay all of your calls at the touch of a button helping to resolve disputes, improve employee performance and detect security breaches.

Network Telecom, a UK based business telecoms provider, offers a variety of services to keep your business talking. It has recently launched NT Multimedia, the first VoIP phone of its kind. If you would like to find out more about how Network Telecom can transform your business communications you can contact the team on 08081699615 or