Why do businesses need promotional products in their marketing strategy?

If you’re sitting at your desk reading this, take a look around. Do you see any printed items from competitors lying around: flyers, branded books, printed pens or stress balls? Perhaps one of those cute fury bugs (who doesn’t love them!)

You’re not alone. A study by the Advertising Speciality Institute in America found that most people keep promotional products for at least eight months.

This isn’t just coincidence of course, it’s part of a clever marketing strategy adopted by companies that recognise the value of promotional merchandise.

Why use promotional products?

If you ever thought that giving away an item for free was a luxury, then think again. Research has shown time and again there are benefits for offering trials and samples of your promotional products, as well as giving away branded goods. As such, it should form part of your marketing strategy.

Sure, in the short-term, it’s an expense. However, as part of a long-term strategy, it’s a smart way to create brand loyalty and drive sales. Here’s why…

Increase sales

Being present in someone’s office or house, makes your business ‘top of mind’ for consideration. You never know when they might need your services, so it’s important to ensure your business can be easily found with a website or contact details printed on promotional merchandise. There is also some proven psychology behind receiving gifts and our innate nature to ‘return the favour’, that giving away merchandise plays in to.

Increase brand recognition

In a busy marketplace, how can you stand out from the crowd? Using branded and corporate goods is one such way. Exposing potential customers to your brand, will always gain you greater recognition, especially since promotional merchandise is kept for so long.

Loyalty and retention

It’s getting harder to recruit and keep clients with growing competition. However, promotional merchandise helps to reinforce your business as a credible supplier. This may, in turn, lead to great loyalty and retention of customers. As Brandable Magazine also adds, it’s a “proven way to develop a relationship and establish yourself in the eyes of the consumer.”

Enhances brand image

It’s logical when you think about it; giving a gift to someone instantly increases your preference towards them. This is also backed up by research – a study found that at least half (56%) of people who received branded promotional merchandise said their impression of a company improved after receiving it.

Sharing and social

Certain items have more traction than others. Sweets, bugs, stress toys and novelty items in general have great potential for ‘share-ability’ on social media. If you’re ambition is to grow your audience, particularly to younger customers, this is worth considering.

Demonstrates brand values

When executed successfully, certain printed items can also help demonstrate your brand values. For instance, if you’re a company projecting an eco-message, then using recycled notepads, or non-plastic goods such as a woven tote bag is a smart way to truly demonstrate your brand values.

Jump on board the promotional train!

Promotional merchandise is a tried and tested way of reaching new and existing customers and putting your brand top of mind. There’s no end of uses for promotional goods; be it competitions, trade fairs or corporate events.

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