What to consider when moving into retail

When you’re moving into the retail sector, there’s a lot to consider. These days, retail is one of the most lucrative industries to work in. However, with so much online competition, if you’re looking to invest in a bricks and mortar business it’s crucial to be well-prepared.

Here, you’ll discover the main things you need to consider when moving into retail if you want to make your business a success.

moving into retail

Location and premises

Two of the most important things to consider when moving into retail is the location and premises you plan on moving to. Location really is everything when you’re opening a retail store. You need to make sure you’re ideally situated so your customers can find you. You also need to make sure the location is easily accessible and it’s close to your target market.

Similarly, the premises you choose need to be well thought out. These days, retail stores are expected to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. So, you’ll need to make sure your doorways and shop floor are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users.

As well as this you want to consider the space you have. Today, people are looking for a retail experience and if you want to compete then choose a space that might not look like your traditional retail premises. Go for something that sounds out, something different, take note of the ceiling which, according to Rockfon ceilings has become much more of a linchpin in designing many commercial spaces.

You’ll also need to make sure it includes parking if required, and that the building is well-suited for use as a store. Check out numerous commercial properties and consider buying one at an auction for the best possible deals. Companies such as Allsop, offer a variety of commercial premises for sale.


A little competition is healthy and can actually be good for business. However, if there’s too much competition in the area, it could prove fatal to your retail business. Therefore, prior to choosing your location and premises, you’ll want to check out your local competition.

The plus side of setting up near your competitors, is that you know there will already be customers in the area. As long as you provide something different than your competitors, there’s no reason you can’t both operate successfully.

Habits of successful retailers

As well as focusing on the physical aspects of a retail business, you’ll also want to familiarise yourself with the skills you’ll need to make it a success.

Did you know that there are certain habits all successful retailers have? Good prioritising skills, the ability to learn from mistakes and focusing on staff training are all key skills you’ll need if you want to make your store a success. Learning and developing these skills will help you to get the best start in the industry.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when you’re moving into retail. The above are just some of the most important factors to consider. Always take as much time as you can to do your research before setting up a retail store.