Should you offer free Wi-Fi to your customers?

Whether you are starting a new business or updating an older one, modern changes in technology have created possibilities that previous generations have never had to consider. While the internet has provided us with more accessibility than ever, it’s still up for debate as to whether or not businesses should offer free Wi-Fi to customers.

free Wi-FiDetermining whether or not offering free Wi-Fi is right for you means taking into account a variety of factors, and that is what we want to look at today.

The first and most important thing to understand is that the internet without data caps is no longer prohibitively expensive. That said, if you see a lot of traffic, and expect to cater to many users, then it will be important to employ a higher-speed connection, which is more expensive than those your business might otherwise use.

While the continued cost of Wi-Fi should remain relatively constant, it is important to note that the initial costs can be a significant hurdle. Not only will offering free Wi-Fi to customers often require a higher-end wireless router, but it will also incur setup costs as you will require a professional to get the system up and running.

A basic system could be opened up without outside help, but this raises security concerns and the issue of people abusing uncapped upper limits.

Deciding on whether or not to create or open up your network also means taking a look at the Wi-Fi connectivity that already exists around your direct business. If, for example, there is a megastore next door that already offers it, or if your city has a wide-ranging free plan, then your business personally enacting free wireless can generate a far lesser reward.

By the same token, having nobody surrounding you offering the option of connectivity will make your own involvement all the more desirable. People will gravitate towards a store with this option, and the closer they get the better their signal will become. This also means that you’ll want to make the range a primary concern, as you have to measure attention against the difficulty of loitering.

Also, while messaging friends on something like Facebook or sending emails may not require much data, customers who may have to spend more time waiting at your place of business would benefit from good Wi-Fi. From using laptops for extensive business applications to having a bit of fun while they wait by playing a quick game of online roulette, for which live variants require a steady connection, being able to facilitate a wide range of connectivity needs will create positive attention toward your business.

Another thing to consider is that by offering free Wi-Fi, you can default people’s web pages to your own business’s online store. This can then be utilised to advertise various bonuses and specials, which can generate additional attention. This is another component which is going to have to be installed by a proper IT professional, but again, this should only be one-off cost.

Taking all of these aspects into account together should help give you some indication of whether or not offering free Wi-Fi is right for your business. Being the first in an area to offer this service can help set you above the pack, so getting your foot through the technological door is absolutely an avenue worth investigating.