5 tips to create more effective video tutorials for content marketing

Video tutorials are a great fit for content marketing. By their very nature, they are a valuable type of content to viewers seeing as they help them to solve problems and learn to perform specific tasks.

But if you want your video tutorials to really be effective for content marketing – there are a few tips that you should try to take on board.

video tutorials

Less is more

Try to make your video tutorials as concise as possible. While you don’t want to leave anything important out, you can try to trim out anything that doesn’t need to be there.

Always ask yourself whether each of the steps in your tutorial is necessary, or whether there is a different and faster option.

Do not promote your products

If you’re creating video tutorials for content marketing, you need to make it a point to make them non-promotional. Endorsing your own product will seem self-serving, defeat the purpose, and reduce the impact of the video.

At most you could use product placement to indirectly showcase what your product can do without actually mentioning it or promoting it in any way.

Give the tutorial a pinch of personality

Some video tutorials are too dry for their own good. Although their main goal is to inform not entertain, there is no harm in adding a pinch of personality to make your video more interesting and help to engage viewers.

If you appear on-screen in the video tutorial then your delivery can make a world of difference. However if not, you’ll have to rely mostly on your voiceover to showcase your excitement, passion, and wit.

Choose the best way to show each step

Part of the advantage of creating video tutorials as opposed to how-to articles is the fact that you can ‘show’ each step more clearly. To capitalize on that you should ensure that you use the best way to show each step being performed.

In some cases you may want to consider options aside from conventional video footage. For example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio and learn how to record your screen to capture footage of digital products.

Add subtitles to the video

Not all of your viewers will be able to hear your voiceover, and many will intentionally have videos on mute by default. In order to make sure your video tutorial is still effective, you should add subtitles to the video.

By adding subtitles you’ll essentially be transcribing your video – which is useful in other ways. In particular, publishing the video transcript can be good for SEO.

If you use the tips described above you should end up with video tutorials that are far more effective and able to reach more viewers, engage them, and provide them with useful content. That is a surefire recipe for content marketing success, which is why it is important that you try to use each and every one of the tips in the next video that you produce.