Portable card readers the next step for your business

There was a time when portable card readers were quite new and expensive. This put them beyond the reach of smaller enterprises and was used only in the realm of corporate chains. Now, your card reader is more efficient, smaller, and more affordable making it a useful point of sale for any customer-facing business.

Portable card readersPortable card readers open up a world of opportunity as now you are able to take card payments anywhere. Not just on the premises, you can take payment when out on the road too. Perfect for businesses that carry out work offsite, as well as mobile businesses that traditionally have only dealt in cash.

How portable card readers work

Card readers connect online to allow payments to be taken. They do this via a wi-fi network or if you’re out and about your phone. Most utilise Bluetooth to make a connection for the latter. They can take payments from the most common credit and debit cards, and utilise technologies such as contactless (NFC), swipe strips, and chip and pin.

When taking a payment the customer simply uses their card or their phone to make a purchase as if they were in a supermarket. It is easy and fast. Your customers expect no less.

How much do they cost?

The card reader market has become crowded and this has driven down costs considerably. In most instances you buy the reader, some like iZettle can be purchased for under £30, and then pay a transaction cost every time you use the reader to make a sale.

It is worth exploring the fine print. At first glance, it might appear that one vendor has a more favourable transaction rate. A closer look may show that they employ a minimum spend. They might have stricter transaction limits or it may take longer before the money appears in your bank account. There are pros and cons and you should investigate them all.  Your best option is to find a comparison site in the first instance.

Transaction fees are typically under 2% with no fixed term contract.

Making it easy to take a payment

Mobile card readers make it easy for your customers and clients to do business with you. They don’t need to rush to the bank to get the cash they simply pull out the plastic and they are done. Imagine you are a builder and you complete the job. Your customer pays you then and there and it is done. If you sell street food taking payments by card makes it so easy for your customers to buy from you.

If you’re a solicitor, accountant, surveyor etc a card reader makes it easy to take payments and your clients will appreciate the convenience.

More professional

Mobile card readers give you a more professional image and are important to branding. Increasingly they are becoming expected in today’s electronic world. Now, with more affordable options you can get up and running with a card reader faster, building trust, taking payments, and generating repeat business with your customers and clients.