10 benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems

The day to day running of a transportation business, from finance to fleet management, is no easy feat. Even smaller tasks like inventory management and office supplies/employee management can take up a lot of your time – so it’s crucial you make everything as easy and efficient to manage as possible.

This is where GPS fleet tracking systems come into play. Many transportation business owners overlook such systems because they think they’re expensive and they don’t see the real benefit of implementing them. However, GPS fleet management could drastically improve your business from the ground up.

GPS fleet tracking systems

If you are jumping the gun you need to first find out how to start a trucking company, then you can think about your GPS fleet tracking systems. Now, here are a few crucial reasons why you need GPS fleet tracking systems.

1. Vehicle diagnostics

With a good GPS tracking system in place, much like the one FleetGO provide, you’ll instantly be able to monitor and detect issues with your vehicles. The FleetGO software will give you access to vehicle diagnostics so you can keep costs down and know when it’s time for one of your vehicles to seek the attention it requires. This means there are no surprises when one of your fleet breaks down, and you can always keep on top of vehicle repair costs rather than wait for one to hit a brick wall, leaving it unusable.

2. Improved safety for employees

By looking at your fleet in real-time, you’ll be provided with alerts of other road incidents. This will give you a good chance to not only keep your fleet running like clockwork, but it will keep them away from other road issues and safe at all times. Of course, should any of your fleet hit any safety concerns, you or one of your staff members will always be on hand to assist them. For example, by looking at vehicle diagnostics and seeing there’s a problem and your driver isn’t responding, you can call the emergency services.

3. Reduce paperwork significantly

As a business, you’ll always have to deal with paperwork to some extent, but GPS fleet tracking systems will help you reduce it considerably, giving you more time to operate other important aspects of your business. Such tracking software can automatically track and store data on the system so you’ll always have access to what’s important. What’s more, is that GPS fleet management systems are based on the cloud, so you’ll always be able to secure data without any future data loss, regardless of any hardware failures within the office. Paperwork can go missing but data can’t when it’s secured in the cloud.

4. Improve customer service

Improving customer service will always help your business fight off the competition. You can easily update your customers on delivery times and even provide them with access to real-time tracking so they can go out without ever missing a parcel. No business is perfect when it comes to customer service, but the least you can do is have the right systems in place to ensure they get the best service possible from your transportation business. GPS tracking systems also help with communication between employees, so that’s a starting point to improving customer service right there.

5. Increased business

Should any of your fleet ever complete their work at a quicker rate, you can easily assign additional tasks for them to complete, which could increase business and make the next day of business a bit easier for your fleet to manage. Increased business will eventually mean hiring new drivers, but it also increases profit margins so your business can continue to grow how you want it.

6. Reduced insurance premiums

It’s all about reducing running costs in business so you have more capital to play with at the end of each month to invest in other aspects. GPS tracking systems are what insurance companies love. You can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 35% if you have one in place, which makes it even more beneficial to have one. They help you provide the data the insurance companies require so they can see your fleet is safe at all times, so there’s no point in selling you insurance premiums at a higher rate.

7. It helps your business become more predictable

It’s impossible to grow a transportation business when the operations of the business are so unpredictable. With the systems in place, you’ll be better able to plan your routes for your drivers and ensure they get to their destinations within the best possible timeframe. If your business can become more predictable, you’ll have an easier chance of increasing efficiency and providing your customers with tighter deadlines that you’ll know you’ll be able to handle.

8. Increased efficiency

If your transportation business isn’t efficient, your competitors already have the upper hand, and you’re likely going to be chasing customers for years to come rather than them come to you. In fact, without a GPS system in place, your transportation business is going to be highly inefficient and you’ll likely be spending more time and money on running the business than actually making money. It’s time to change this with GPS tracking software. Such software will help propel efficiency through the roof because you’ll know your fleet like the back of your hand. You’ll be able to reduce idle time, improve employee efficiency, and help your business compete with the bigger fish and take your business forward. Increasing efficiency can be achieved in several ways, but implementing the right GPS tracking system can go a long way in making that happen instantaneously.

9. Be alerted

Even the simply alert features are excellent features to improve your business in terms of efficiency. The alert systems that come with GPS tracking software are a good way to ensure your drivers always stay focused. Should one of them drift out of the delivery business zone, you will be instantly alerted so you can communicate with them to ask them why. As far as traffic is concerned, you can also receive alerts if one of your drivers is heading in that direction so you can get them to alternate their route.

10. Easy to use

Once GPS tracking systems are implemented, you and your employees will find it very easy to use and, even though many employees will lack training, simply giving them a bit of freedom to use the system is all it takes for them to master it. Because such systems are so flexible and can cater to any transportation company, you’ll also find it could be the system to take your business forward. Although GPS tracking systems are feature-rich, because of their simplicity, you could master the system in a matter of hours. You won’t have to spend thousands on further training, so you can start improving efficiency throughout your business from the get-go.

In conclusion, GPS fleet management systems may not be an option for those smaller transportation businesses looking to get their foot in the door, but it’s definitely software that shouldn’t be overlooked by medium to large businesses, just because of the efficiency and money-saving options it can provide. If you are serious about taking your transportation business to the next level, it’s crucial you at least consider one of the many GPS tracking systems available, just so you know your business has the best chance of competing.