Be smart: The best educational apps for iPhone and Android

Looking for educational apps can be a bit of a minefield with different levels of education to cater to and some apps only being a high school fad. This article will concentrate on apps designed for students from secondary school to even university level.

This roundup of educational apps has been compiled from the most useful and value for money from a broad range of subjects that students and professionals have enjoyed whilst learning.

educational apps

Here is our list of top educational apps:

The Great Courses – Lectures and courses streaming service

This is a great little app to download or stream lectures and videos about pretty much any topic you can think of, as long as you are not bothered by the extra homework of course! There are helpful visual aids when needed. The app itself is totally free so you just pay for individual courses, which can be on offer at certain times.


A new app that has been developed from the success of the website to help students with their work. Easily one of the best essay writing service UK, or the world. It is faster and even more convenient to order a custom piece of writing. There is a direct chat feature where you can talk to your personal writer about the project and upload any useful materials. The app is completely free, and the pay per work is ordered on a bidding system for the best prices.

Memrise – Second language helper

A great little language app that helps to brush up on your language skills with over 200 to chose from. It helps test phrases, definitions, spelling and aural recognition. The app is free with advertising but the Pro version offers a lot more features and games from $5 a month.

Periodic Table – Interactive scientific elements

This is so much more than an interactive periodic table which offers podcasts and videos to help learn about the different elements. There is a lot of information available but don’t worry about getting overwhelmed as there are different levels of information for a high school student to advanced chemistry master. This app is free on IOS and Android.

Evernote – Note taking and project organizer

One of the best note-taking tools out there and so much more with its cross-platform support. You can take photos, record memos, create reminders and organize everything to use in another project later on. This is free to download on IOS and Android.

Duolingo – Second language app

Starting as a crowd-funded project it is now a well established all-in-one language learning app. Having the ability to translate text or complete web pages and download complete courses straight to the app makes it an ideal companion to learning another language. The courses are available at all levels from complete beginner to expert so becoming fluent is at your fingertips. It is free to download on IOS and Android.

Flashcards Deluxe – Flashcard maker

More than a custom flashcard maker this is great for all subjects and saves so much time cutting out lots of pieces of card. It’s possible to enter the information directly or upload it from a spreadsheet to save time. Keeping everything organized is simple with the use of different decks and folders. Also features like adding sound and photos will help jog the mind too. It also tracks your progress so it knows which cards you need more time on and this is all customizable. You can download it on IOS and Android for $3.99.