How to create trust with your customers

Customers are faced with a lot of choices when choosing a product to buy or service to use. How do you convince customers that your business is the best?

customer trustTrust goes a long way in a business-customer relationship. Kamran Mirshahi is the director of Canary Claims, specialising in PPI claims. In 2005, Kamran wanted to create a transparent, fair and trustworthy claims company.

Claims companies often have a negative reputation due to excessive cold calls and some individuals being scammed. Overcoming this barrier and the negative connotations individuals have of claims companies is something Kamran has tried to address. The Canary Claims website goes the extra mile to make customers aware of who the company is and what service it provides.

If your business wants to get new customers and have previous customers return, creating trust is essential. Kamran offers his advice about how to build trust with customers.

Be transparent with fees

Customers hate hidden costs but end up paying for them frequently. A study found that customers face up to £400 in hidden fees every year. Customers will often leave virtual shopping baskets if they are faced with costs last minute before buying.

Making your fees transparent on your website is essential. For eCommerce, this means having delivery pricing clear to customers before purchasing. For services, make your prices bold and transparent before users take action. Being honest should be a top priority for any business. For all websites, have important price information above the fold for all users to see.

Address the barriers to entry

After endless cold-calls from PPI claims companies, Kamran wanted to make it clear that Canary Claims do not cold call customers. So, the company’s homepage states to potential customers that cold calling is not company policy. The company webpage also explains to customers that Canary Claims is UK based and operates on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Are there reasons some customers would be wary of your business or prevent taking action? Address these issues clearly for users. For example, reassure them that they won’t be tied into long-contracts, offer free delivery or returns, or guarantee delivery before Christmas.

This can help to establish trust with users and saves them asking the questions later down the line or forming a bad opinion of your business.

Show your authority

When a person wants a medical diagnosis, they visit a qualified doctor. If you’re hiring a lawyer, you want to know where they attended law school. Why? Because we trust their opinion.

Showing your authority as a business and expert in your field can help to build trust with customers. It’s important to explain to customers why you are the best provider of this service or create the best products.

You can do this by creating an informational webpage and writing about qualifications and how long you have been making these products or doing this service. You can also show this when creating content and showing off your knowledge. Google has indicated that is it likes websites that show expertise, authority and trust — also known as E-A-T.

Give outstanding customer service

Excellent customer service can help businesses to build a trustworthy relationship with customers and make them repurchase your product or use your services again. You can do this by listening to their feedback and responding to negative reviews.

Data from Trustpilot reveals that 61% of customers expect a public response from a business if they leave a negative review. If your business is new, it’s important to reply to try and iron out any flaws and respond appropriately to customers. Customer service is critical for any business and should never be forgotten.

Even in a competitive market, Kamran has succeeded and built trust with customers who have recommended his business to others. Make creating trust with your customers a priority.