What makes a good social slots app?

There are a few common features to a successful mobile game. It is not just about the challenge or building skills to get to the next level, for some people it is just the feeling of winning.

social slots appCasinos were built, and make huge amounts of money, around this feeling. But how can that translate to a social slots app?

In this article we examine how to make slot games into a free, fun, challenging social slots app without the expense and risk of visiting a casino.

Free download

The best things in life are free. Right? Right.

Your social slots app needs to be free right off the bat. If you add a price to just downloading your social slots app you are instantly losing potential gamers to your competitors.

Even if you add a small download fee, the player expects a huge amount more for an almost negligible fee. At the very least they would expect your app to be advert free. The player may even expect more bonuses, and more wins.

With over 2.1 million apps on Google Play, there are a huge number of options for players. Do not limit your chances to be downloaded by including a download fee.

Fun games

You need your slots game to be fun. It is pretty simple. If your game is not fun you will not get players playing on a regular basis. The ideal situation is that someone downloads your app then plays it every day. Not gathering dust amongst the multitude of apps that accumulate on their device.

The best way to discover if your game is fun is to play it yourself. Do you find yourself coming back for more? Do you recommend your app for reasons other than you built it yourself?

Gambino have built a social slots game that is fun and engaging. With over 80 separate games set in an online UK casino players are sure to find the perfect game for them.

App design

Your app design is a major factor in players returning. It needs to be bright and visually engaging, but also reliable.

Build a social slots game that draws your eye to the screen with excellent animation and movement. There is a reason why Candy Crush became a phenomenon. The bright colours, transitions, explosions when you played the game keep adults as well and children engaged.

Reliability is just as important as the visual design. Nothing stops players from playing a game quicker than a crashing app. A game crashing at the worst possible time could lead to a ‘rage quit’. A feeling that you can never get as far again could leave a lasting impression. Make sure your slots game is reliable across all devices, otherwise you may lose that player for good.

Big achievable wins

Why do players go to the casino? For the possibility of winning big!

When building a social slots game the feeling of a big win is essential. Using points as prizes instead of money gives the same effect. The release of dopamine when you win is the same, and it is addictive.

However, you must make sure that the chances of winning big, at least, seem achievable. You will turn off players that never get anywhere close to winning anything. As soon as a player thinks they will not win anything they will stop playing your game. There is a perfect balance between offering your players a challenge and making winning achievable.