4 nifty eCommerce tools to help your shop if you manufacture your own products

eCommerce has become way more competitive than it was before. Now there are plenty of sellers, but a few survive. They make critical blunders like getting cheated by overseas suppliers, mismanaging inventory and other missteps that ultimately lead to throwing in the towel.

eCommerce toolsHere are a few eCommerce tools to dodge those errors and let your budding eCommerce shop thrive on the market.


Sourcify is an all-in-one platform for managing your entire production process. They vet many factories overseas in order to match you with the one that saves you the most on production costs.

Sourcing for a foreign factory to create your line of products is a headache – Sourcify cuts through the chase to painlessly find you the right one.

Plus, it basically ensures you won’t fall victim to a fraud. You can give it a try if you are struggling to find a manufacturer for your budding store.


Overstocking and understocking. Lost stock. Manual management. All of these problems can cause lost hours and a lot of frustration if you manage your inventory the old way – spreadsheets and good ol’ pen-and-paper. And this can seriously cut into your profit margins if you’re not paying attention.

Katana is a great Shopify inventory management system (which also works on other platforms) ‘made by small manufacturers, for small manufacturers’. If you make your products or run a small workshop, Katana is specifically tailored to you, as it’s created with the small merchant in mind.

Katana allows you to sell, make and ship – all from one visual and easy-to-use dashboard. Features include visual order fulfilment, real-time inventory management and inventory tracking. It offers a 14-day free trial for anyone to test it out.

Yotpo Social Reviews

Sending satisfied, smiling buyers out your door is one of the highest pleasures a seller can experience. And the best way to repeat this experience? Word-of-mouth recommendations. They’re the most efficient marketing tool in your arsenal you won’t spend a penny for. Today, online reviews are the modern equivalent of spreading the good word.

They help you get in tons of new and repeat business. Plus they steer your customers away from competitors – solidifying you as their first choice.

Yotpo is a tool that can make it happen.

Statistics say customers who write reviews are 4x more likely to make another purchase. And that’s why Yotpo ensures that you keep your customers coming back by engaging with your loyal customers, responding to their reviews and sending past buyers’ questions to new visitors.

They have a free plan if you want to try them out.


The official marketplace for Shopify stores. It is a tool where you can buy and sell online stores. You can list your store there if you’re hoping for an exit or hoping to change niches.

But what does it have to do if selling is the last thing on your mind now?

Well by installing Exchange you can use it to find out what your store is actually worth. It calculates your store’s worth by using various factors, with how much you’ve made as the big one.

Use this feature to monitor your store’ value as your brand grows. That large event of selling your brand for a hefty sum you can retire on doesn’t seem so far away now…