An overview of travelling for business in Canada

Any foreign national who visits another country to take part in international business activities is often considered a business visitor. However, they should not enter the labor market in Canada.

In the true face of things, you wouldn’t participate in any form of business activity in a new nation without having a valid work permit and this is the case in Canada.


Regional trade associations membership

Being one of the largest economies in the world, each year the country attracts thousands of business visitors. In addition, the nation is a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation abbreviated as OECD. Last but not least, Canada is a signatory to the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. Having an economy that is oriented to the international market, business travelers will have all reasons to visit Canada.

While the country strives to ensure business visitors make business trips, this is often subject to the nature of work. In addition, admissibility is subject to the visitor’s nationality. For that reason, some business visitors do not require work permits to conduct business or take part in trade activities in Canada. Generally, to be considered a business visitor, and qualify for the eta canada application, you must demonstrate the following to the immigration department:

  • You intend to stay for less than 6 months.
  • You have no intentions of entering the Canadian labor market.
  • Your main business, as well as source of income and proceeds, is outside Canada.
  • You have documents supporting your application.
  • You meet basic entry requirements to Canada.

Summarized basic entry requirements

Most people may not be aware of the basic entry requirements for Canada. As a business visitor, you need to have a valid travel document. A passport is considered an official travel document in nearly all countries. It is also important to ensure you have sufficient money to stay in the country and get back home. You shouldn’t pose any security, criminal or health risk to the citizens to meet the basic entry requirements. Last but not least, you need to demonstrate your intentions to leave the country after the visit.

Reasons to travel to Canada as a business visitor

If you are wondering how one can be a business visitor without getting in the Canadian labor market, keep reading this post to know how you can be such a visitor. Today, it is not uncommon for international conventions, business meetings, conferences and fairs to be hosted in this country. These activities usually attract participants from around the world. When attending one of these activities, you will be considered a business visitor.

Some people often buy goods and services from Canadian providers on behalf of foreign entities. Some of the transactions or business deals may necessitate them from traveling to Canada. In that regard, this person is also considered a business visitor. When a Canadian parent company invites you for training for work outside the nation, you can also make an eta canada application, as a business visitor. Business visitors are generally allowed to work without permits as long as it is within the above precincts.