Holiday destinations to escape the business grind

There are times when you need to escape the day to day, relax, and unwind.

This is especially true given that stress has been cited as a cause of serious ill health. If you’re a business owner or busy executive you are no stranger to experiencing pressure.

holiday destinationsTaking time out at these holiday destinations will help you recharge and up your business game upon your return. Topping up your tan and enjoying a cocktail may not feel like a business benefit, but you will come back refreshed, clearer minded, and ready for action.

With that in mind let’s take a look at the best destinations to escape to for a week or more. In the first instance, you may want to visit as their offerings tend to be perfect for business owners and busy executives.

Mexico and the Caribbean

There can be little doubt that as stunning beach holidays go it is hard to beat Mexico and the Caribbean. The sun is golden the beaches soft, endless, and warm. The resorts cater to your every need. They are perfect to leave the business grind behind. If you are planning to visit the Caribbean, why don’t you think about staying at belmond cap juluca anguilla, a luxury hotel. There you can enjoy a stress-free stay at a top-notch resort.

As well as the relaxing element there are plenty of beach activities to do such as water sports and depending on where you go cave diving. Nightlife is vibrant and offers plenty of choices.

If you’re someone who loves history or culture than discovering Mayan ruins and other ancient cultures are hard to beat.

Majorca, Spain

The Balearic island of Majorca lays due west of the Spanish City of Valencia in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The island is famous for soft golden beaches, the UNESCO protected Tramuntana Mountain Range, great nightlife, vibrant towns, and a culture fused from Roman and Arabic influences.

The island has a culture of her own and if you have ever been to other parts of Spain you will notice the distinction. Majorca is a place you should visit at least once. With a direct flight, you can be there within two hours from the UK.


Turkey is an intriguing country possessing places of historical and cultural wonder, beautiful beaches and stretches of coast, dazzling nightlife, and plenty of fun things to do so you won’t get bored. Like Majorca, you won’t spend a day traveling to get there.

The country is also perfect for city breaks. Istanbul, in particular, will introduce you to a new culture despite the tourism element that you can’t avoid. Nonetheless, a Turkish bath is something you have to experience and if you hire a car you can get around and take in more of the country.


Greece is a country that has it all. Savour the cultural relics of the birthplace of civilisation, stay on one of the Greek islands and discover their stories, hit the beach until you physically have to leave it, and party Greek style into the night.

Greece is a country that everyone should visit at some point. It has something for everyone and perfect for a hard-working executive who needs to unwind.

Visiting holiday destinations is the best way to unwind and avoid getting too stressed and burnt out.