How to run your own mastermind group

Are you the kind of person that benefits from the assistance of others when it comes to achieving your goals and reaching your targets? Or do you prefer to accomplish things on your own? Many people agree that having committed partners with them on their pursuits is a rewarding experience. These people will generally benefit from the use of mastermind groups.

Mastermind GroupWith the guidance of a mastermind group, you can accomplish incredible things. Whether you want to take your career to the next level, or you simply want to strengthen your personal resolve, a mastermind group can help.

What are mastermind groups?

The concept of mastermind groups has been around for much longer than most people think. It can be traced back to a book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. In this book, Napoleon describes a mastermind group as a “coordination” of information and knowledge between two or more people working towards a specific purpose in the spirit of harmony. Mastermind groups generally form around people who are striving for similar goals or objectives. For instance, you might have a mastermind group of college students or freelancers.

The benefits of mastermind groups are varied. For instance, you’ll get:

  • Greater accountability: Being surrounded by a group of people who are rooting for you to achieve your goals gives you a higher level of responsibility. You’re less likely just to give up when things get tough because you know that you’ve got your mastermind group to come back to.
  • Resources: Everyone in your group brings their own diverse background and resources into the mix. You may find that when you ask for help from your mastermind group, access to additional resources will help you to make more progress towards your targets.
  • Unique perspective: It’s often helpful to have an outsider’s opinion on something. Combining the different views in your mastermind group is an excellent way to find solutions to issues that you might not have seen before. You’ll also be able to see whether you’re making any mistakes in the pursuits of your goals.
  • Mutual support: Most of the best mastermind groups are formed around a specific activity or target. However, even in groups with differing goals, you’ll be able to lean on your group members for additional support. The members of your group genuinely understand what’s going on in your life and guide you regardless of your accomplishments or failures.

How to create a mastermind group with perfect mastermind formula?

Before you can begin running a successful mastermind group, you’ll need to start one. The first step in this process is choosing a topic that you want people to be joined around. For instance, your problem could be finding happiness in life, or getting your degree. It’s up to you how broad or vague you want your goals to be.

From there, you’ll need to pick the people who will form a part of your mastermind group. This is a particularly complicated process, as a mastermind group is only as good as its participants. You’ll also need to choose some ground rules.

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Choosing participants for your mastermind group

As mentioned above, choosing the people in your mastermind group is one of the most complex and challenging parts of the process. The members of your mastermind group should be able to provide you with feedback and advice but also understand your problem. Mutual beneficiaries are a good choice because this means everyone will benefit from the input of each other. Qualities to look for include:

  • Consistent commitment and drive: Everyone needs to be dedicated to the mastermind group for it to work. If one person is trying to cut carbs out of their diet, and other people are looking for ways to build their body mass, then you’re not going to be fully compatible.
  • Problem solvers: It’s good to look for positive people who can find creative solutions to problems. Mastermind groups are there to help you overcome the hurdles in your life. This means that problem solvers are very valuable.
  • Diverse skill sets: It’s a good idea to have people from different backgrounds and professions in your mastermind group. The more varied the skillsets are, the more likely it is that you’ll get out of the box solutions to your problems that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Remember, your mastermind group doesn’t have to be huge. Most experts recommend keeping to about 5 people. This means that you can keep your meetings short and too the point, without skimping on depth and meaning.

How to run a mastermind group

The most important thing in running a mastermind group is the meetings. Without great sessions, then the rest will simply fall apart. Make sure that you create a schedule for when people are going to get together and stick to it. Ensure that all of your team members are punctual and end your meetings on time if you can too. Other points to keep in mind include:

  • Every member should have the same amount of time: Larger groups may need to use a timer to ensure that everyone gets the same amount of time to talk. This way, everyone feels like they’re getting the same value out of the group.
  • Decide if you need an agenda: Some mastermind groups work best when they have an agenda in place. You can decide in the previous meeting whether the next one needs a topic or genre that people can think about during the discussion.
  • Don’t interrupt: Make sure that only one person in your mastermind group is speaking at any given time. Remember that everyone will get their chance to talk. This also means that you’ll need to hold any comments you might have until the person has finished explaining their situation and hands the floor over to you.
  • Capture: It’s a good idea to keep a record of everything that happens in your mastermind meetings. What lessons did you learn? What did people accomplish that week, and is there anything you need to return to next time?