5 things that can go wrong on your landing page

A landing page can get your business to thrive. However, if it’s poorly designed, it may do you more harm than good.

landing pageYou may have a great business idea or a great service, use the most professional tools, such as a landing page builder, but it will be to no avail if you take a flippant approach to design, thus limiting conversion rates. So, let’s take a look at five things that may go wrong:

1. Lack of consistency and confusing prospect customers

That’s actually quite easy to avoid. The main thing to remember is that you should attract clients, rather than discourage them. If you clicked on a Google Ad that says: “5 things that can go wrong on your landing page”, and were redirected to a page whose headline says: “10 ways to improve your landing page”, you’d most probably be taken aback. The same goes for the headline. The more concrete and informative, the better. Of course, you have to remember to make it compelling as well.

2. Putting your Grammar Nazi to sleep

This one is for all those who think that using poor grammar and spelling mistakes will take you anywhere. It won’t. Just remember to keep your letters in order.

3. Using bad quality images and/or videos

You’ve probably been there. Someone promised a great product and put bad quality images and videos to advertise it. Statistic says that a good, high-quality video can boost conversion rates by 80%. Sounds great? Of course, it does. But remember, that a 240p Youtube video won’t get you there.

4. Being implausible

A landing page will get you nowhere if you don’t make it look trustworthy. This includes using social proof. If people see that what you advertise is popular, then they will think you can be trusted. Ever noticed subscriber counts, Facebook likes, or Twitter followers? Well, that’s it. You also need to remember that poor design might scare off people. It’s really good to invest money in designing a neat landing page.

5. Messing up the CTA

There’s so much that can go wrong here. Landing page’s sole goal is to make people buy your product/service. To do that, you need them to perform an action. This won’t happen if you misplace your CTA button or make it illegible. You have to be concise, state your message clearly and attractively. And preferably place a button that they will click.

Of course, the above doesn’t exhaust the list. There are many more things that you can do wrong and forever bury your dreams of a profitable business. However, sticking to these will get you started, and there are many great tutorials and articles on the subject on the Internet. They will guide you in the right direction.

Remember the point about design and spending money? You can save money, and time, if you use one of the numerous tools available. One of these tools is a landing page builder, and it can even set you up for free! If you’d like to know more check out, one of the most powerful tools available on the market.