5 technologies every modern business needs to implement

All the significant industries would not be where they are today if they didn’t embrace technology. It is the reason you see many enterprises taking advantage of new technology in businesses in the tech circles.

Let’s take a look at 5 technologies that every modern business must have if they want to be successful:

modern business

1. Business phone systems (Virtual PBX)

Your employees need to communicate with clients and amongst themselves to improve work performance and coordination. Most companies will tell you that it’s not cheap to pay a subscription fee and telephone equipment required by telephone services providers. However, you can breathe easily as there is a convenient business technology solution.

Such use of technology in business allows effective communication at reasonable rates. The flexibility, quality, and features are much advanced compared to regular telephone lines. They are readily available across the globe to small, medium and big companies.

2. Credit card payment processing software

Cash transactions are becoming less popular nowadays. It’s only a matter of time before online payment systems and credit cards take over in technologies for business. It is therefore crucial for every modern business to have reliable software for credit card payment. This business technology provides your clients with options to make payments on the go, online or in store. It is not only convenient for your clients, but it is secure and flexible. When you are thinking about eCommerce website development you need to keep in mind how your customers can pay.

3. CRM software (customer relationship management)

It helps a company manage its interaction with current and potential clients. It primarily works well if you are working with a significant number of customers. To improve business relationships with clients, it uses data analysis of the customers’ history. It focuses mainly on customer retention to eventually drive sales growth.

A good CRM system compiles data from a wide range of different communication channels, services, and sales that are vital to both you and your clients.

4. Wireless conference rooms

Information technology in businesses plays a vital role in a company’s success. Top management cannot always work alone. There always comes a time for any respectable company to have a meeting to discuss progress and strategies of the business. Usually displaying videos and images entailed clunky solutions with connectors, and wires spread across the meeting room. That is not the case anymore. Most businesses are adopting Internet connectivity into the wireless era.

You can implement a wireless solution that connects everyone no matter the location. You can always take the conference room where your employees and clients are.

5. Modern accounting software

Although many businesses have been using accounting software for years, many of them are outdated. The modern business accounting system that’s automated is a lifesaver for many companies. Its swiftness, efficiency, and accuracy can’t even be compared with the best accountants!

There are tremendous technology impacts on businesses using modern accounting software. It helps you in tracking and making swift transactions and executions. You don’t need to input and manually check every transaction you make as the software does the job for you. You can even integrate it with a P2P solution like GetYooz and achieve an 80% cost reduction.

Importance of business technology

There are many benefits of technology in business. It affects the daily business operations of any company. No matter the size of your business, technology affects communication, decision making, marketing and business growth.


Each day, there are different pieces of technological change in modern business to help you improve your company. You don’t have to limit yourself to the five listed above technologies. You can always scout for new business technology that will help your employees and clients get better service, options, and convenience from your business.

If you’re still using the outdated technology, it’s time to move with the current wave and give modern technology a chance. We guarantee you that you won’t regret as you watch your business develop quickly.

Lucas M. Cappel is a half-time tutor and an educator in human culture. He has experience in writing content as a freelancer and enjoys sharing his technology-based pieces with various audiences.