Always keep your content new and fresh

Bringing a website into the world is a bit like bringing a baby into the world. Ok, it’s not exactly like having a baby but its similar – stick with us.

fresh contentThe fact is, once your website is ‘live’, every update matters. In contrast, a static website will be viewed by search engines as ‘dead’. This means you won’t collect page views, links or gain in rankings. Essentially, if you want to encourage new visitors to your page, keeping your website up to date and putting out fresh, quality content is vital.

But why is this the case? Read on to find out why updated websites do so much better than others.

Why does new and fresh content matter?

Fresh content matters for a number of reasons but there are two main ones to consider: new content will make your website more attractive to readers and also to search engines.

How search engines view new content

Search engines, whether you like it or not, are the beating hearts of the internet. They’re the go to site for just about everyone and, therefore, ranking well on search engines will help you to draw in new site visitors.

New content helps your page to rank well in a manner of ways. Firstly, updated websites are more frequently indexed. By this we mean that search engines will stop by more regularly to check out your site. As such, if you want to get a higher search engine ranking, you’ll need to update your site to make sure your position is being reassessed.

Secondly, fresh content helps to increase your ‘authority’ status. Search engines such as Google are always looking for sites which are seemingly authoritative within their industry. This means that the more you write on a topic, the greater authority status your website will obtain.

That being said, at this point it’s very important to remember that this content has to be valuable – the quality of your content is just as important as its freshness.

Last, but by no means least, fresh content allows you to rack up more keyword mentions. Whilst search engines are generally moving away from ranking pages based around keyword mentions, they are still very valuable.

New content allows you to hit more keywords in a natural way. Instead of having a keyword-stuffed page, you have four or five different posts on the subject which are released regularly.

How visitors view new content

Whilst search engine rankings are important to track down new visitors, it’s equally important to retain your current website visitors.

Fresh content helps with this, as your visitors will keep coming back to see what’s new. Moreover, if a visitor see’s that your information is outdated, they may be put off from returning.

It’s pretty simple to understand with an analogy. You wouldn’t keep returning to a grocery store if you knew it was full of the same (now out-of-date) food as last week, would you?

Many websites do this well. Yet one of the best examples we’ve come across is when looking at new slot sites. They know they need to be offering new games, new promotions and even new news snippets each week to entice new and old players. Follow their example and remember – always keep your content fresh, new and valuable.