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In today’s world and age social media has brought awareness to your footstep. Consumers are always in search of something new, something authentic?

social mediaNo one is looking for polished graphics and digitalised art from brands or companies. They are looking for that one thing that sets you apart from other consumers. It is challenging to decide whom one wants to be on social media, the battle between the real you and then you want to convince the world of is as real as real can be.

It all begins with the idea, and how that idea grows. The branding, the logo, the font, the business plan. But these are literally just the basics. All these seem of prime importance, but the most important are your customers. Whether you are a service provider, a broker, insurance provider, coach, consultant and the list is unending. You would find yourself in a pickle, how does one put forth a strategy that works for them and is actually effective.

You have to, first decide are you taking the thoroughly professional approach with two social media’s. And not mixing it up or you are aiming to find the correct balance. It is somewhat tricky because if you are too rosy, you come off as not serious enough if you are going for too serious you can quickly come off as unapproachable. You can’t be too stubborn because this could have a whiplash on how people respect and review your services or brand.

Whether it is an individual, a brand, and a company. Establishing an authentic niche for you should be of utmost importance. And how to make the correct impression.

Growth is inevitable if you put in the work.

All humans and their emotions work clockwise, you have bad days and good days. But in a hypothetical situation you use your social media to promote a product, and on the same page, you are on a rant about a rude shopkeeper you had an encounter with earlier. It just doesn’t paint the right image. Organise your grid by keeping it relevant. It’s not like there are any set rules of what you are and not allowed to post.

Criticism; it’s a rocky road. When you are trying to pick up a brand, don’t dwell on the negatives you receive. Learn from the complaints and grow from them incorporate them to make your brand stand out.

And if you do want to voice your beliefs regarding something. Take a stance for something you believe in. Be utterly secure in your space. This does give you leeway to play with emotional triggers.

Personal brands give you more room to be experimental. No doubt you should be clear about what you are offering to sell? How do your services work? But a personal brand has individuals as a focus too. In that aspect attitude is everything. It allows the consumer to see further from the product, do not let external factors bare pressure on your brand. A sense of humour will keep people drawn to you. Your uniqueness is your selling point. A good laugh will ensure they keep coming back for more. Hope sells, whining doesn’t; the later just makes you despise something you haven’t even given a chance to.

Instead of wanting to take and take, try to give support to the community that you’ve built. The type of attention you draw to yourself and the brand will affect the brand. Lastly, it isn’t about you, it is you but not all of yours. Focus on adding to peoples lives, so they can ultimately value you. Be the version of yourself that you need to be to attract what you are aiming for. Be charismatic, individuals want to deal with people they actually like or approve off. Be relatable that opens up more opportunities for you. Tell your story; of where you come from, why you chose this? This can literally pave the way as your marketing strategy.

Start a blog post, which would give daily updates as to what is the direction you are taking with your work? Start weekly updates. This provides an opportunity for you to connect to your users. Knowing your audience gives you a cutting edge over other brands. With a blog, you can test different strategies and see what do people mostly connect with. Collaborate with other brands. Or get employees to collaborate with one another. This gives fresh content.

And if you are one of those people who can’t handle the pressure just keep work and your personal lives separate. That protects your privacy and gives you the room to be you. The constant worry of being careful while presenting your brand can become too much.

If some of the tips mentioned are too much, you can always contact companies like VM interactive and Healthy Links. They excel in online marketing, search engine optimisation and web designing. All these are essential areas for all growing brands to explore. Some newcomers have their hands full and don’t know how to balance everything. The team at VM interactive can assist you in reaching your goals. By contacting them, you will get a digital strategy devised for your business. The plan for your business to move it in the right direction. They even make your web design for you. The team will cater to all your needs. Revolutionising your entire structure and giving it a direction it needs.

Consistency is critical on social media; you have got to show up every day. This is what social media is, it gives you unpredictable and the room to toy with several ideas before you stick to a method that works for you.

Be creative and be mindful, strong visuals will attract the customers. Remind yourself you are a whole universe within yourself, and you have to communicate that about yourself to the audience.


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