Entrepreneurial web tools to boost small businesses

If you are a business entrepreneur trying to save money for a company injection when absolutely necessary, you are a smart thinker and chances are it’s only a matter of time before your business takes off. But in the meantime, you are thinking smart and looking for web tools to boost your business in an affordable and instrumental way.

entrepreneurial web toolsThe fundamentals of growing a new business lie within the tools used to build the foundation of the company you dream to own. Depending on what your vision is, you will find that through your online journey of discovery, there is a web tool for just about anything and most of the time these tools are for free. So getting down to the basics, lets help you discover the right entrepreneurial web tools for your small business.

eCommerce and payments

If you look at the games here, you will see the smooth transition gamers make from a visitor to a paying customer. Tools such as Shopify and Gumroad are easily integrated into the framework of your website to promote easily accessible check out systems. Payment for Gumroad is 5% of each transaction but integration is free. Shopify begins at $29 per month with additional transactional fees; however you are paying for a fully built online store.

Interactive communication systems

Infusionsoft is software that industrializes their marketing and communications processes. The functionality of the software deals with emails, organization and even sales between the company and customer. It provides an interactive communication system that it develops itself.

Content establishment

In order to power your website you will need content to form and create an interactive site that customers or readers can relate to. Recently website visitors have been relating to images and videos. In fact, most users are currently viewing images and videos before clicking on written content. For this reason we recommend an image editing tool PicMonkey which ideal for bloggers and social media posts to boost and advertise your business. The powerful tool only costs $33 per annum and offers additional functionality as well.

Professional social media

In order to advertise your business on a professional platform you will need a professional profile. LinkedIn is an ideal social media marketing tool to network and attract a select market of users, buyers, investors and marketers. The professional platform can be used for free but premium accounts are paid for and give you additional functionality the standard account doesn’t.

If you are looking for more tools with additional functionality you will find a number of them online. If you need advice choose to join a business forum which is free. Keep in mind many new business entrepreneurs are in the same boat and trying to make money so if a service is recommended to you at a fee, rather seek a second opinion as most online services are free, it’s the brand you pay for and the level of quality you receive. You are a start-up and as a start-up you are entitled to the best user experience to carry you through your journey of success.