PMP certification: Why it’s good to get certified

More job opportunities are waiting for someone who’s PMP certified. A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a well-recognized credential for those who wish to take on a career in project management.

PMP certificationBy earning PMP certification, you can build your career in any industry and any location with an excellent earning potential. Thus, if you want to become a project hero in no time, here are the top reasons why you should consider getting PMP certified:

1. Globally recognized

Again, PMP certification is universally acknowledged. While several certification programs pay attention to a particular geographical location, PMP, on the other hand, allows you to work in any business sector across the globe. Regardless of your location, adding a PMP certification to your credentials increases your chances of getting the job you’ve dreamed of. Remember, companies in various sizes acknowledge the fact that certified project managers are better at performing in any project on time.

If you’re considering to work toward your exam to begin your career as a certified project manager, look for a PMP certification training provider like Edwel Programs to help you get started.

2. High visibility to recruiters and employers

Becoming PMP certified gives you an edge when it comes to employment. With the professional expertise you can demonstrate as a PMP certification holder, you can have a higher chance of being visible to all recruiters worldwide. After all, most organizations will prefer to hire PMP professionals with certification than non-certified ones. Moreover, your visibility to employers can also be your way to start your flourishing career in project management in no time.

3. Salary increase

Since PMP is a globally respected certification, employers will not hesitate to hire and let you become part of their organization. Given that advantage, you can be sure of a salary bump once you become a PMP certification holder. On average, PMP professionals earn more money compared to their non-certified counterparts. If you want a profitable project management position, then it’s time to get yourself certified.

4. Learning of important skills

Becoming a project manager is a little harder considering the number of people working as such. There are several project managers in the market nowadays. It is necessary, therefore, to stand out from the crowd in order to rise up the career ladder. To do that, you should start getting a PMP certification to add value to your resume and attract more companies.

However, getting PMP certified isn’t as easy as you think. You should plan extensively and prepare properly in order to pass the examination. Moreover, passing the exam depends on how well you are in mastering the practical application of the material. Getting certified means learning essential skills that are necessary for project management processes, techniques, and methodologies. As you aim to pass the exam, you’ll be exposed to current trends and best practices concerning project management.

5. Expansion of your market reach and scope

Apart from having better job opportunities, a PMP certification can expand your market reach and scope. If you’re a holder, you’ll undoubtedly have a place in several project management forums and online communities. These groups consist of PMP professionals all over the world who are more than willing to share their experiences, tips, and insights. In such a scenario, you’ll be able to help everyone keep updated on the latest trends in project management.

6. Better project performance

A professional who has spent some time and money in acquiring a PMP certification is someone who has the drive to improve their credentials, knowledge, and even professional abilities. They have made a real effort and put in their hundred percent in committing to project management as a profession.

Aside from showing dedication to the job, PMP holders demonstrate better project performance as the training for the certification improves the way you handle projects. Take note that the rigorous standards of the exam tackle the five essential project management processes. Hence, if you qualify and pass, it means you can do a much better job than those without certifications.

7. Security even during a recession

Even if the economy continues to flourish today, uncertainty will always be present. However, compared to non-PMP holders, you can survive a recession if you get yourself certified. Having a certification allows you to show core competencies that can still make you an asset despite a significant economic downturn.


Although some people may see PMP as a costly and time-consuming certification, it remains as one of the crucial credentials a project manager should have to excel in their profession. Also, it’s one way of helping yourself build the essential skills and expertise required for you to stand out in the market. Given the top reasons mentioned above, getting a PMP certification is indeed worth all the effort.