Drawing the right kind of attention to your business

Setting up a small business nowadays is pretty difficult. After all, we’re operating in a more saturated market than ever. The growth of eCommerce and the ease that comes hand in hand with setting up a website means that increasing numbers of people are establishing themselves online.

attentionTo stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to put a fair amount of work into drawing attention to your brand. But you also need to make sure that any attention you bring to your brand is as positive as possible. Here are just a couple of different ways that you can draw the right kind of attention to your brand and make a positive name for yourself!

Print material

Nowadays, so much focus is placed on online advertising that many small business owners completely abandon print advertising. But this is a mistake that you should avoid making. Print advertising is just as valuable as ever. Sure, people may be spending more time looking at their phone screens, tablets, laptops, and computers. But they still operate in the real world and are going to take in a lot of their surroundings when they are walking or travelling from one place to another. There are all sorts of print advertising that you can prove extremely profitable for your business – from a billboard to a pop up banner. Just make sure to focus on design (this is what will draw consumer attention in) and the quality of the printing and materials that you are using (this will reflect on your brand). Keep messages concise and ensure that you give the reader a means of finding further information – a website, social media addresses, or even a contact number.


Collaborating with social media influencers can prove to be an extremely effective means of directing attention towards your brand. Social media influencers are individuals with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of followers. They are popular, they’re in the spotlight, and they have all eyes on them. So, if they promote your company, brand, or products, more people are going to see what you have to offer and may be enticed to spend with you. But you do need to be wary when it comes to choosing who you want to collaborate with. Some social media influencers have followers for controversial reasons. You do not want controversy surrounding your brand. Make sure to do your research and to only work with influencers who have a clean history and good record. If someone becomes problematic, make sure to cut connections with them immediately.

These are just two different ways that you can draw attention to your brand. They really could prove to be make or break for your business. After all, you really are going to have to put a fair amount of effort into standing out from the competition and making sure that your target demographic actually know that you and your products exist. Hopefully, making use of print material and social media influencers should help to get you started in the right direction!