Why blueprint takeoff software is essential for contractors

The digitisation of the construction industry is happening at a rapid rate. Some of the innovations companies in this sector are taking up are digital blueprints and blueprint takeoff software. They’re using new technologies to streamline the process of generating takeoffs and increasing their accuracy in the process.

Blueprint takeoff software is valuable because contractors can save time, money and invest these resources into the business. This is helping them to expand their clientele and businesses. So, how are they doing this?

Contractors and subcontractors traditionally work with printed or digital blueprints provided by a potential client. Having measured the plans, they’re able to estimate the materials they need to the job, and will then give a quote to complete the work.

This can be time-consuming and risky. Because the estimates are done by hand using rulers and calculators, it can take a few days to calculate all the factors if it is a large-scale project or a multi-floor building. The speed of the calculation is probably the most significant benefit of switching to takeoff software. It can halve or quarter the time you dedicate to this area of your work. When you consider how many quotes you may be asked to generate over a year, this can translate into weeks of wasted time that you could spend more effectively on other areas of your business.

Blueprint takeoff software such as Groundplan provides contractors with tools and the support to make the process of generating a takeoff or estimate easy and quick. The software gives the user access to a standardised materials database or assemblies. This makes it simple to select the options you need to create a quote.

The process of creating an estimate works like this:

  • You open the digital plans in the software. There is no need to work with paper anymore.
  • You use the mouse to measure the areas involved in the project and count symbols that feature on the blueprint.
  • The software automatically calculates the volumes of materials needed to complete the project with complete accuracy.

The accuracy of the calculations provided by the software is a game changer. Mistakes are easily made when calculating by hand. For example, you could use the wrong scale, or use the ruler in the wrong way or misread the numbers on the ruler. It’s easy to put an incorrect number into a calculator, and there are of course plenty of other human errors that could throw your accuracy out. Blueprint takeoff software eliminates all opportunities for these mishaps, which may seem small but can end up being costly mistakes.

As a contractor, you’ll feel confident that you can offer your clients quality, accurate takeoffs using the timesaving and straightforward software. You’ll be able to invest the time you save back into your business or find space for more of a positive work/life balance.

You’ll reduce your worry and stress knowing that your estimates are more accurate and won’t feature mistakes that could impact on your livelihood or your profit margins.

There are various software programs available. Some are free and include the essential tools you need to generate takeoffs and estimations. You may be able to upgrade these to add functions that speed up the process further or are customisable or come with other useful features.

The software can be used for a range of projects or trades offering efficiency that allows contractors to focus on running their business more profitably. According to Tech Tiles, this type of software is always widely used for niche trades such as tiling and carpentry. Reducing wastage, eliminating mistakes and buying yourself more time to work on other projects will all add to your bottom line.

Groundplan provide digital takeoff and estimation software for tradespeople working in the building and construction markets. Visit their website for additional information.